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Paige Lorenze Bio, net worth, husband, age, before surgery, parents, wikipedia, Armie Hammer ex

Paige Lorenze Bio, net worth, husband, age, before surgery, parents, wikipedia, Armie Hammer ex

Paige Lorenze is a well-known Instagram celebrity, model, and editor. Her photographs featured on the cover pages of magazines such as Playboy during her modeling career. She has experience working with a variety of companies and agencies. For the years 2018 and 2019, she was signed with State Management. She rose to prominence as a model and Instagram sensation. Her Instagram account has a total of 162k followers. She also has a self-titled YouTube channel with 29.9k subscribers where she posts lifestyle and fashion content.

On January 26, 1998, Paige Lorenze was born and raised in the United States. Her family is devoutly Christian. She is a woman in her mid-twenties.

Paige Lorenze Bio, net worth, husband, age, before surgery, parents, wikipedia, Armie Hammer ex
Paige Lorenze posing. Photo: @paigelorenze
Source: Instagram

As a model, she has appeared on the covers of magazines such as Playboy and has worked with a variety of companies and agencies.

Paige Lorenze’s biography

Paige Lorenze Bio, net worth, husband, age, before surgery, parents, wikipedia, Armie Hammer ex
Paige Lorenze’s family. Photo: @paigelorenze
Source: Instagram

Paige Lorenze, who is she? She is a well-known online personality who was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and reared in Guilford, Connecticut, in the United States. Paige has an elder sister Whitney and a younger brother Jack, and she is the middle child of her parents. She is presently enrolled at Parsons School of Design in New York, where she is pursuing a degree in Media and Design.

How old is Paige Lorenze?

Paige Lorenze is a 23-year-old Aquarius woman who was born in the year 2021.

When is Paige Lorenze’s birthday?

Every year on January 26th, she celebrates her birthday. In the year 1998, she was born.

Who are Paige Lorenze’s parents?

Dr. Mark Lorenze, an orthopaedic physician and member of the Middlesex Hospital Board of Governors, is the social media sensation’s father. Nancy, her mother, owns S And N Styles in Connecticut, the United States.


Lorenze was a good skier who trained at the Burke Mountain Academy in Vermont between 2012 and 2016. She has participated in alpine skiing competitions.

On her Instagram account, she has marketed and advertised the products of numerous companies and brands such as Princess Polly and Nasty Gal. She has worked as a lifestyle model and social media manager for Anti-Algorithm Company. Lorenze owns a dairy-themed clothing brand.

Paige is also a well-known social media personality with a sizable online following. She has a self-titled YouTube channel with over 46k subscribers and over 267k Instagram followers, both of which increased dramatically after she was seen with Armie Hammer in 2020.

As a brand influencer, she makes the majority of her money on social media, where she primarily posts lifestyle content. Currently, the Instagram celebrity is a guest editor for 2PEONIES, a Canadian health company.

Paige Lorenze and Armie Hammer’s relationship

Paige Lorenze Bio, net worth, husband, age, before surgery, parents, wikipedia, Armie Hammer ex
Paige Lorenze poses for a photo in Manhattan, New York. Photo: @paigelorenze
Source: Instagram

In the year 2020, Armie and Paige met and began dating. Hammer is an American actor who has starred in a number of television shows and films, including We Are Who We Are, Call Me by Your Name, and American Dad!

What happened to Armie Hammer and Paige Lorenze? Paige Lorenze left their relationship after charges of violence and abuse surfaced after only a few months together. Hammer allegedly used a knife to make certain markings on her body, according to her complaint.

There were even claims of cannibalism. Lorenze went to New York City from Los Angeles, and their romance terminated.

Has Paige Lorenze done any plastic surgery?

Paige Lorenze has stated that she has not undergone any plastic surgery. She has, however, admitted to having lip and cheek fillers.

Why did Paige Lorenze leave LA?

Lorenze lamented in a video titled Moving out Los Angeles/very real emotional video:( that LA was just not a good location because many things had happened that she didn’t like, maybe referring to her time with Armie. Despite this, she disliked many other aspects of LA, particularly the weather.

Where does Paige Lorenze live now?

Currently, the American model resides in New York City.

Paige Lorenze is a social media influencer who rose to celebrity after her romance with Armie Hammer and subsequent public split. She has moved on with her life since then, maintaining her image and brand.

Net Worth

Paige Lorenze’s net worth is approx $200k.

Who is Armie Hammer’s ex-girlfriend Paige Lorenze?

Armie Hammer, a disgraced actor, has been the subject of a sex text controversy involving “cannibals.”

Paige Lorenze, Hammer’s ex-girlfriend, claims Hammer’s mother warned her that her son was “demonic.”

Who is Armie Hammer’s ex-girlfriend Paige Lorenze?

Paige Lorenze was born in Guilford, Connecticut, on January 26, 1998.

Lorenze is a model that has over 100,000 Instagram followers and over 19,000 YouTube subscribers.

She primarily publishes lifestyle stuff, and since being spotted with Hammer, she has significantly expanded her social media following.

Paige Lorenze Bio, net worth, husband, age, before surgery, parents, wikipedia, Armie Hammer ex
Dru Ann, Hammer’s mother, has warned Paige Lorenze that her son is ‘demonic,’ according to Paige Lorenze. Splash News provided this image.

In 2020, the 23-year-old model and Hammer had been dating for four months.

Since announcing his split from his wife Elizabeth Chambers, with whom he was married for ten years, Hammer has been seen with a few ladies.

Lorenze is a Parsons School of Design student in New York City.

What did Lorenze claim Hammer’s mother told her about her son?

Dru Ann, Hammer’s mother, told Lorenze that her son was “demonic” and had a “very, very dark side,” according to Lorenze.

In a clip from her interview on The Dr. Oz Show on Friday, February 19, the college student discussed his mother.

Dr. Mehmet Oz inquired if Hammer’s mother or other “family members” had heard anything about him.

“Well, she never said anything to me because I don’t think she wanted to assume,” she explained.

“But she literally just said things like, ‘he has demonic characteristics, the devil was trying to take him,’ and stuff like that,” Lorenze continued.

“I didn’t grow up extremely religious, so that was a little bit out of touch for me, but I did get a feeling from her like she knew that he had a very, very dark side.”

What did Lorenze allege Hammer wanted to do to her?

Lorenze has claimed that the disgraced actor intended to devour her bottom ribs and cut the letter “A” into her pubic bone.

She said in January that Hammer was “100%” serious about finding a doctor who could remove her lower ribs.

“He was telling me that I could take out the bottom ribs and smoke, roast, and eat them. ‘You don’t need these,’ he kept saying “She revealed this to Star Magazine.

The model said she brushed it off, but that his alleged actions made her feel “anxious and confused.”

Hammer allegedly carved his initial above her pubic bone in a “very painful” act, which he subsequently brags about to his pals, according to her.

Paige Lorenze Bio, net worth, husband, age, before surgery, parents, wikipedia, Armie Hammer ex

The Sun exclusively reported in January 2021 that Lorenze claimed the actor kept mannequins in the basement of his family house to learn how to tie up women and talked about wanting to murder his dog.

He was preoccupied with “flesh, bones, and veins,” she claims, and wanted her to be proud of the injuries she got from BDSM sessions.

“He told me that he had mannequins in his basement in his family home that Elizabeth and him were living at to practice rope tying on,” Paige told The Sun.

“It creeped me out, honestly. It was really strange. I’d never even heard of anything like that before.

“I’m not trying to kink shame at all. But I think that dangerous men [sometimes] use this as like a smoke screen for abusing and hurting women for their own sexual pleasure.

“I am holding him accountable and I think he knows that he’s caused a lot of women pain, even if he doesn’t want to admit it right now. And there is power in numbers.”

She added: “I think that this [situation] is terrible, it’s so unfair on his children and I think everyone is just so disgusted and shocked.”

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