Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Reveals What To Expect Before the Year Ends, Christians Should Take Note

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Reveals What To Expect Before the Year Ends, Christians Should Take Note

The President and Founder of the Believers Love world international aka Christ Embassy, Reverend Chris Oyakhilome has in a message today, revealed what was likely to happen before the year runs out.

See what he said below

COVID-19: What To Expect As The Year Ends.

-Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome DSC DD in Your Loveworld Specials

Season 2, Phase 7, Day 2

*Daily new cases of Covid19 will surge beyond capacity of testing. *Complete and secondary Lockdown much stricter than the previous one.

*Expected from December 2020 to January 2021 (no Christmas for them)

*They want to also change it from Covid 19 to Covid 21 … A mutated version expected by February.

*Enhanced lockdown.

*Any individual who agrees to the vaccine treatment would then be allowed to travel anywhere (even when the country is on lockdown).

Welcome to today’s program.. We’ve got a lot to cover today.

Yesterday I was explaining something to you. I told you about the importance of our prayer.

Except you understand the scriptures, you may not understand the implications of some of the actions that people take, including leaders of nations.

Sometimes you think what they are saying is just based on their Party’s plan or agenda.

But when you understand the scriptures, you know the severity of some of these things and their implications in the kingdom of God.

Get ready to pray December 1st and 2nd

These Leaders (and pseudo leaders behind the scene) are the members of the deep state/the hand in the glove, who are controlling many Governments and leaders.

The reality is they are controlling them through spiritual powers and only those who have spiritual understanding with spiritual power greater than theirs can overrule.

And unless they are Overruled, they will bring evil upon the earth.

They plan to come together in January to ratify some of their diabolical, real evil plans.

They leak out a plan, then measure the reactions. If there is a backlash, they come up with political language… And when you are not looking, they strike hard and make the lives of most people very difficult.

I told you these things before.

Their diabolical plans look nice to some people but the word of God is the true light.

You err because you know not the scriptures. You would think something is right and get involved in it.

Example of one they have leaked out.

A roadmap designed by the Government of Canada leaked out by the strategic planning committee from the Prime Ministers Quarters.

It is actually a plan for the whole world.

Road map: Secondary lock down measures expected by November 2020. Rushed acquisition of isolation centres by December 2020- (I told you these isolation centres have nothing to do with Covid. Nazi Germany had extermination centres which started as isolation centres.)

Daily new cases of Covid19 will surge beyond capacity of testing. Complete and secondary Lockdown much stricter than the previous one. Expected from December 2020 to January 2021 (no Christmas for them)

They want to also change it from Covid 19 to Covid 21 … A mutated version expected by February.

Enhanced lockdown.

Transitioning of individuals into the food welfare program.

Large economic instability.

Deployment of military personnel.

Restrict travel and movement.


Look at their plans by 2021!!!

The UK began to test this some weeks ago. They moved soldiers into the street to help testing. They are gauging public reaction.

Its a full plan to militarize the streets and intimidate the people.

The Canadian Government would offer all their citizens total debt relief with funding from the IMF.

But they have a plan to get it back from you, and much more.

Where does IMF get its money from? Ripping off Africa.

Why is IMF, based in Europe giving funds to Canada?

The plan is… Individuals will get debt relief if they agree to FORFEIT ALL PROPERTIES AND ASSETS


Everything that you ever had would become the Governments.

The Plan is also for Nations to forfeit their sovereignty.

Any individual who agrees to the vaccine treatment would then be allowed to travel anywhere (even when the country is on lockdown).

They would have a Health Pass to move around.

These guys in DAVOS have a plan to RESET the world. (The world debt reset program is to handle the details of the debt relief in Canada).

You see why we have to pray???

By the power of the Holy Ghost, when we pray, these things will change.

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They are not the first to plan to own the world. They may need to contact Nebuchadnezzar for details.

In their plan, those who refuse the ‘debt reset program’ are to be kept in lockdown indefinitely and kept in isolation facilities, Labelled as a public health Risk and with all their assets seized.

That’s exactly what happened in Nazi Germany. Overnight, they lost everything.

Those demons that orchestrated those plans then are still in the world.

Our Job is to issue a retraining injunction until we are out of Here.

If we don’t do something about it, they will do a Phase 1 on us and we better not let it.

No matter what country you are in, Your leaders already have the road map that I just read to you.

Let’s see how far we can go in discussing the End of the world .

Did Jesus say anything about it?


1 Peter 4:7- Be sober minded and prayerful. The end of the world is at hand.

Matt 23:37

Verse 39-Jesus was saying ‘I am leaving’ to Jerusalem.

Matt 24:1-

Here is the Zero point where the calendar of God with the Jews gets suspended in Daniels prophecy.

He hints to the end of his ministry to carry out this work that would bring in the new order.

Verse 2-3: Three Questions

When shall these things be?.

What shall be the signs of your coming?

What shall be the signs of the end of the world?

Matthew 24:14- He didn’t say ‘shall be preached to every individual person’. It says Nations.

THIS IS THE BIG SIGN. .and this is why we preach the gospel everywhere. This is mans only saving grace; only way out of eternal destruction.

Matt 28:20. There is a cardinal point : The end of the world. .

The end of the age: The world as you know it

This physical world will come to an end. It is going to be destroyed. But it is all part of a plan.

This is why I’ve been showing you the chronological information from the Bible to help you locate your position.

There is an order. .we are coming from somewhere.

Let’s read the words of Jesus.

Matthew 24:4-

Verse 12: there will be so much sin, that many will give up the desire to do right and their love for God will wane.

Verse 13: why do you have to endure? Because of Difficult and challenging times.

Verse 14: Sign number 1, for the end of the world.

Verse 15: Sign number 2.

(In Matthew there is a focus on the 2 questions)

Verse 15: do you remember he said ‘Your house is left unto you desolate’?

There would be 2 desolations.

The first one happened 70AD

Whoso readeth (what Daniel the Prophet has said) let him understand. Because the book had been sealed.

Jesus prophesied the opening of that book so that when you read it, you would understand.

It was sealed in the Spirit.

Here Jesus corroborates the prophetic message of Daniel the Prophet.

The abomination of Desolation: an abomination comes into the Holy place. At this time, the temple will be back in place and it would be desecrated.

We know the second temple was destroyed as the first temple was. This is a direct prophecy of a third Temple by Jesus.

Here is the prophecy that Jesus was referring to:

Daniel 9:24

Verse 25-that’s 69 weeks.

But in verse 24, he tells us 70 weeks are determined.

He only gave account of 69 weeks (weeks of years)

That’s 490 years.

He explains to us in this prophecy the definite time to start counting.

In the Bible, the chronological information is so strong. You don’t need information from anywhere else.

The edict of Cyrus was completely adequate and The Jews acted on that edict as the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah had said. Other prophets also said the same thing.

When we read from Galatians 3 and Exodus 12, I explained some information to you.

Gal 3: 16-17.

From the covenant to the law was 430 years. .the covenant could not be the one in Genesis 15 (which was one sided). It was the confirmed covenant from both sides: the covenant of circumcision. The only problem was that it was not dated.

Acts 7: 6 (this is the covenant of Genesis 15). Stephen was speaking about something that was already written, not giving a prophecy.

Verse 7-8- This is the covenant of Genesis 17. The Covenant was ratified by both sides.

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Genesis 17: 1-14 This was a new covenant. Everyone MUST confirm the covenant or else you were not in the covenant.

You don’t just get it because you were born of Abraham, you had to be circumcised to get it.

Verse 23- 25: Abraham began immediately. He was circumcised at age 99 and Ishmael was 13. That tells you when Ishmael was born. Thus Abraham was 86, when Ishmael was born.

I told you those who claim that the Jews spent 400 years in bondage do not know the scriptures.

In Exodus 6, The Bible shows us when Jacob moved into Egypt with his family, Kohath, the son of Levi ,was already born. (Remember the biological generations). Those are important things.

Only Moses and Amram were born in Egypt.

Remember Jacob’s age when he was moving into Egypt.

Isaac was born year 2108, Isaac was 60 when he had his twins.

Jacob was born 2168 from Adam.

Joseph was 17 when he was sold into Egypt.

(Genesis 37:2,26-28)

In Gen 41:46, He was 30 years old when he stood before Pharaoh.

He had spent 13 years in Egypt up till then.

The 7 years of plenty started immediately.

So at the end of the first 7 years of plenty. Joseph was 37.

Famine started.

Joseph’s family arrived 2 years into the famine. Gen 45:6,11: Joseph was 39 years old.

Gen 47:8- Jacob is brought before Pharaoh at 130 years old.

Because we know the Date of Birth of Jacob, it helps us to tell WHEN they came into Egypt.

We can tell what Year exactly Joseph came into Egypt.

Thus, Joseph was born when Jacob was 91 years old.

Joseph was the Last son that Jacob had when he wanted to steal away from Laban.

This also tells us how old Jacob was when he was with Laban.

Joseph was born after Jacob’s 14 years of service to Laban.

(Gen 30:25- 28 This was right after the birth of Joseph)

Laban gave Jacob a job not for his 2 daughters, but for his cattle.

Gen 31:38, 41- Jacob had worked for 20 years. 14 years for the daughters, 6 years for the cattle.

He left right after the birth of Joseph. This means he came there when he was 77 years old.

He moved to Egypt year 2298.

2276 was the year Joseph was sold into Egypt.

Joseph was the one that brought the rest of the clan into Egypt

2537 was the year of the Exodus.

So they spent 261 years in Egypt.

We talked about the Jewish Calendar yesterday and some of the difficulties when we try to use insufficient information.

E.g. how we come about their months were 30 days. The information we have shows that every year was not so.

Gen 7:11

We are given the day of the month and the month when the rains came down

Verse 24: Rain kept falling for 150 days.

Gen 8:1-4. It shows the 30 days count for 5 months.

What about the remaining 7 months of the year? The information is not given. We cannot assume.

Yesterday we looked at leap days, months and years.

In the Jewish Calendar, Adjustments were made from the 12th century. What about before then?..

Because of the use of the Sun and solar system, generally the time would come close for both calendars.

The information is very important because it helps you in your study of the scriptures. Things are not just speculation to you. You look at the Bible yourself and get those details.

Go, read for yourself.

We are in a time of the world like none other before it. .don’t think things are the same and will always be the same. No.

We are moving closer and closer to the coming of Jesus.

All the signs show and the numbers are there. Prophetic words in the. Bible are coming to pass before our eyes.

We can read the actions of nations from the Bible. We can’t just walk away and think it does not matter.

But at the same time, the Lord has positioned us at this time to bring the word to God’s people and help them prepare for the coming of the Lord.

So much to say to you.

Salvation Call.

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