Pastor says coronavirus is a plague sent by God to punish sinners

Over 11 cases of coronavirus

A pastor in the United States Rick Wiles has said the coronavirus is a plague sent by God to punish sinners and purge sin.

According to the right-wing evangelical pastor, parents ‘transgendering little children and the filth TVs and movies are to blame for the coronavirus outbreak, Daily Mail reports. gathers that the pastor said the coronavirus is one of the last steps of judgment, and warned Americans to walk in God’s direction.

It should be noted that the deadly coronavirus has left 131 people dead, with confirmed infections at around 5,568 across the world.

Recall that the Nigerian government said Nigeria is one of the most fortunate countries currently as it is free of the coronavirus ravaging parts of the world.

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The authorities said there was no recorded case of the virus in Nigeria and Africa like it is happening in China and other countries where it has spread to.

The clean state of the country was confirmed by Chikwe Ihekweazu, head of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

Reacting to the pastor’s statement, Mary Ortiz on Facebook said: “Sadly i believe this pastor has used the God’s word in a twisted interpretation to attack those in society that need to hear our Great and Loving God is there with open arms to receive ALL unto himself as they come to know His love and truths in their hearts. They will then know the transformative power of our Lord and Savior.”

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Shayne Smith said: “Isn’t it surprising that a so called Christian man is so judgemental of others, when he looks like he sits around playing with himself.”

Loretta Choukeir said: “I used to like this guy and watch him all the time. But now all I see is a hate filled person. Nobody has a one way ticket to heaven. He needs to realize he is not perfect and is kidding himself if he thinks he is !!!!!”

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1 thought on “Pastor says coronavirus is a plague sent by God to punish sinners

  1. If coronavirus virus is sent by God to punish the sinners , then everyone will be wipe out off this earth ,cos we’re all sinners including you pastor.

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