Person who leaked Buhari’s speech has been caught – Presidency

President Buhari, Ministers to hold first virtual Federal Executive Council meeting on Wednesday

The person who leaked the draft speech of President Muhammadu Buhari, hours to his last nationwide broadcast on Monday, April 27, has been caught, Femi Adesina has said.

Recall that few hours before the president gave his speech, a version full of errors circulated on social media. This version was somewhat different from what the president eventually read.

In a piece titled ‘Enemies of the State’ Adesina disclosed that the culprit has been traced and is now “paying for his evil action”.

President Muhammadu Buhari was to broadcast to the country by 8 p.m, to give an update on the battle against COVID-19, and what becomes of the lockdown that had lasted four weeks, particularly in the Federal Capital Territory, Lagos and Ogun States. Kano was also a point of heavy interest, with the strange deaths ravaging the state. Was it COVID-19 or not?

“As the country waited for the President with great expectations, a purported copy of the broadcast began to circulate on social media from about 4 p.m. Whodunnit?” Adesina wrote.

According to the presidential aide, one look at the circulating document, and he knew it was a rogue copy. He said it had a different paragraphing from the one which had been recorded for broadcast by President Buhari.

He noted that if the individual that leaked the unedited draft of the broadcast had access to more sensitive national documents, he would do the same thing.

If he cottons on information that could sell Nigeria to the enemy, he would gladly do it. Thou art in the midst of foes, watch and pray,” he added.

Adesina stated that the person forgot that in these days of technology, almost everything leaves a trail. “Before the end of that evening, computer evidence had narrowed down the suspect, and he was already answering for his evil action,” he stated.

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