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Pete Edochie Gives His Opinion On Domestic Violence

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Legendary Nollywood ac tor Pete Edochie has given his opinion on domestic violence happening in the homes of many. According to him, women are to be blamed.

Speaking to BBC Igbo, he stated that women should be blamed for the massive domestic violence happening in the various houses. According to him, the 21st-century lady doesn’t know much about running a home and also keeping their spouses.

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In his words….

Woman’s rights aren’t something individuals of color are known for. When a lady leaves her folks to meet her significant other and take his family name, she is to be accommodating to him. In the event that she wasn’t hitched, she can do anything she desires.”

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“Ladies walk and hotshot their behinds, it’s so men would discover them. Assuming you see such a lady and express your marriage interest, she begins strolling appropriately. Our ladies currently dive into woman’s rights these days.

“They can’t keep their spouses any longer. Is that something worth being thankful for? These ladies are educated yet a lot of these spouses currently can’t cook — one thing that a lady ought to be acceptable is to have the option to keep her significant other.

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