photo of Governor Ambode’s children paying courtesy to President Buhari

photo of Governor Ambode's children paying courtesy to President Buhari
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Upon president Buhari arrival, he paid a courtesy visit to the governor of Lagos state Akinwunmi Ambode. In this courtesy visitation, he meant with the family of the governor including his wife and children.


A photo from the chatty rendezvous between the duo have been shared online. The shot which was shared by the personal photographer of the president Bayo Omoboriowo perfectly depicted the moment the children of the governor was paying courtesy to the president.

The male child prostrated flat on the ground just so he could show his respect for the grand commander of Nigeria. He respectfully paid this respect in a traditional way.

Buhari’s photographer Bayo shared this rare moment with Nigerians to show just how traditional values are kept even in political strongholds.

“This seemingly little moment reminds me of what my mother never stopped emphasizing while we where growing up… “Respect for Elders”. Governor Ambode’s children prostrate to welcome the President to Lagos for the commissioning of Projects during his working visit to Lagos today!”

This show of respect has swooned many Nigerians and caused them to react in heartfelt manners.

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