Police officer Dolapo Badmus vows to sponsor young vulcanizers’ business

Police officer Dolapo Badmus

Education is important but it is not for everybody. A number of people have dropped out of school for numerous reasons and still became successful in life.

Nigerian celebrity police officer, Dolapo Badmos, recently shared her encounter with three talented young boys she met at a mechanic workshop. The boys worked exceptionally well on her car and she was impressed.

Badmus took her admiration a step further by saying she will sponsor their business after they revealed they would not be going back to school.

Police officer Dolapo Badmus

In her caption, she wrote: “So I pulled up at a vulcanizer workshop to fix my tyre…..I got a shocker when I saw this young lads dotting around my tyre, checking, confirming and reconfirming to each other the state of the tyre! Even though I was first pessimistic about them having proper skill to fix it but having listened to their conversation I decided to be patient and see what they can offer!

TRENDING NOW>>  “Kindly wait for 48 hours before reporting the case of a missing person”- Police Officer, Dolapo Badmos

“I was moved when I saw the dexterity at which they handled the work, moreso every question I put to them was professionally answered, then I needed no further conviction that they surely got their hands on the skill…..After getting the tyre done I was reassured that I wont have cause to complain about the work done and sincerely I’ve not had reason to complain! “

According to her, she is always impressed when she sees young ones committed to hard work in this era of people looking for shortcuts to success.

“These ones caught my attention, even though they said their parents wont let them go to school because they have acquired skill (it’s not bad though, we can’t all have formal education, acquiring skill is another good form of education). I have promised to keep up with them till they are ready for graduation (freedom), I’m willing (through the support of my good friends) to set them up and ensure they start their own businesses without much hassles,” she added.

TRENDING NOW>>  “Kindly wait for 48 hours before reporting the case of a missing person”- Police Officer, Dolapo Badmos

Badmos prayed for God to bless all the young ones out there that understand no other way to success than hard work.

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