Police officers arrested for ATM Robbery

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Constable Owuor Chris Ayienda Machogu and Constable Vincent have been arrested after they were caught in an ATM robbery. They were caught in possession of Kenya‘s Ksh 72 Million ( N254 million).
According to Directorate of Criminal Investigations, DCI, the two police officers were caught after getting involved in an ATM heist and found in possession of about 72 Million Kenya’s Ksh (about N254 million)

Police atm robbery

Before they were caught, the two officers were on their way escaping to neighbouring country Uganda, with the money they made from the robbery.
However, Ksh4 million was recovered from Constable Chris Ayienda Machogu, while Ksh3 million was recovered from Kendu Bay home of Constable Vincent Owuor of the Administration Police.

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“Constable Chris Ayienda Machogu, an AP officer was today arrested by SCPU Detectives & Ksh. 4M recovered from him. Upon Interrogation, he led the detectives to his accomplice Constable Vincent Owour, a KP officer, in whose house at Kendu Bay Ksh. 3M and a Subaru Forester were recovered.
In the initial investigations, detectives established that (which was also confirmed through the suspects’ testimony) the said motor vehicle was bought on the same day the ATM Heist occurred, using the stolen money.

Police atm robbery

The two were planning to escape to Uganda with the cash. Now in lawful custody and assisting in further investigations.”

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