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President Buhari is mocked by an Islamic preacher known as the “Imam of Peace.”

President Buhari is mocked by an Islamic preacher known as the

Mohammad Tawhidi a.k.a Imam of Peace, a popular Iranian-born Australian-based Islamic imam, mocked President Buhari on Twitter a few days ago.

After Tawhidi criticized President Buhari over a video of him lecturing about the Coronavirus outbreak on Sunday March 22, 2020, the hashtag ‘PresidentCovik’ is currently trending on Twitter.

In a series of tweets, the Imam also took aim at Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who believes Iran and Japan share a border, according to him.

Take a look at what he wrote below.

“The President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari still doesn’t know the name of the virus killing 24,000+ at such a rapid rate. Addressing the nation about it for the first time, he pronounced the virus as ‘CIVIK 1-9’.

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His friend, Imran Khan, thinks Japan and Germany share a border.

Top 3 leaders:

1- Imran Khan. Professional beggar, terror-sympathizer, thinks Japan and Germany are neighbours.

2- Muhammadu Buhari, dumbest person in Nigeria. Scared of terrorists, promises to fight the COVIKK virus.

3- Tamim of Qatar: Thinks he’s sexy. Answers only to mummy.

I love Nigeria. I have one Nigerian friend and she’s amazing. One of the most successful and honest people I know. I also welcome my new Nigerian followers on Twitter.

You have a beautiful country but it would be more beautiful without the terrorism enabled by Dictator Buhari.”

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