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President Buhari speaks on extension of lockdown

President Buhari speaks on extension of lockdown

The federal government has declined to confirm whether it will extend the 14 days restriction of movement imposed in Lagos, Ogun and Abuja to check the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Boss Mustapha, secretary to the government of the federation, who also chairs the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19, said his panel would assess the situation and give the president the advice that will enable him to take the decision on whether to extend the restriction or terminate it, The Nation reports.

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President Buhari speaks on extension of lockdown
The federal government is yet to take any decision on whether to extend the 14 days restriction of movement imposed in some states

Speaking in Lagos, Mustapha said the review of what happened within the 14 days would help the president decide if the lockdown should be extended or not.

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He assured Nigerians that whatever decision the president takes would be in the best interest of the country.

β€œIf that has been achieved, he will look at all the information available to him as the President of Nigeria and I can assure you that he will make a decision that is in the best interest of the people of Nigeria.”

He said the presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 would evaluate the situation and see how the objectives that were set are being met during the 14 days lockdown.

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53 thoughts on “President Buhari speaks on extension of lockdown

  1. Please there should transfer of cash into people acct. Through Bvn because this idea of sharing of food does not give room for social distance at all. It even encourages the spread. Please,your excellency, Mr president help us out to avoid public crowd Nigerians are hungry .God will help u sir

    1. Yes oo.we are hungry o no money no food,our kids are dying of hunger..we in Lagos are begging for food to eat..pls if u can send money through our Bvn to hlp us solver dis lockdown we will really appreciate… Tns

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  3. I am using this medium to beg our leader to help us reduced these suffering, no food to eat neither to get money masses is hungry now, pls have mercy on us.

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  8. Nigeria government is sick. How could they plan to extend lockdown when we have nothing to eat? Should we engage in arm rubbery or what? Buhari should rethink about it now or else something will happen! Are we animal ? So why caging us without food to eat? may God have mercy on us in the hands of wicked leaderships.

    1. Mr President what is happen in Nigeria is very bad becos I didn’t see different between stay back at home, we stay but the cases is getting increasing all day and still no food no money, no work nothing do u want people to die for hunger Pls try to do something

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  10. Plz Mr president don’t extend this lockdown because hunger itself kill more citizens pass corona virus

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  12. Also I am writing this on behalf of the Nigerian that transferring of cash will go along way for us, because sharing of food will be informed of politics matter. Please do what is right for us

    1. Good evening brothers and sisters in Nigerians we in lekki arieer critical condition because where no have enithing to eat nothing is moving all the big men in here them Lock them self in saint them live the poor people aut said please Mr President I’m biking you the name of the God help us live the mejor roads were want to travel to ar war own State please and please help us abeg Ware sofering in Lagos please let’s us back to ar where onw state there is hungry in Lagos please thank you so much Mr President God will help us!

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  17. Nigeria government should help us we are hungry I am only hearing that federal government is giving out food and money I never see or receive anything like that my people Nigerians are very hungry

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  19. Goverment are doing the best of keeping us very safe, adding to that, goverment should do something about the citizen, not to exstend the lockdown pls

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  21. The Government should help us,by transfer through bvn to avoid crowd Although not everybody that has Acct, but I’m sure in every family it is not possible for everyone not to have acct please help the mases,we seriously hungry Mr President should do something fast because hunger can kill more than convid19.

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  23. My advice to Mr President please ,
    in Ogun state there is no any provision us
    I don’t know others state.
    please,why the federal government don’t do the transfer to our Bvn because we are hungry sir.

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  25. I only read news that FG are shearing food and money but I’ve not seen any prove. Plz you people should do something bcz plp are dying, armies are also killing the poor citizens of this country.

    1. Hmm this is terrible, 19.488bn is donated for d support of people for d purpose of dis covid 19 n yet d government as nothing to do with d citizen, what kind of government is dis? Y deceiving n mocking us, Mr President find smtin to do people re suffering n don’t think of the extension of lockdown bcos we re not a poltery or jungle animal.

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  27. Pls Mr President,do not extend the locked down rather ,u live people to go for biz from 8-2pm and make sure u have ur mask and hand grove pls.

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  29. Pls federal government people are suffering here mostly in lagos, police people are now using it as an opportunity to sieze some okada and collect money . To get food stuff is something else, no steady power supply . There are too much hungry in the town now.

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  31. Am seriously angry with the very situation going on in this country upon the punishment God gave to this wicked politicians they still don’t change they are waiting for God to come down and kill them one after the other.
    They lockdown every where without any preparation for the masses and later they will the government is doing well.
    Your people are doing and you don’t even care, all what you are after is to sit down and make one feltish that will always favour you and your partners in crime.
    Your people are dieing of hunger ooooo

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  33. This lockdown aint helping matters at all, apart from the fact that Nigerians are hungry, the sharing of foods or the so-called conditional cash transfer aint getting to all the people, there are some office equipements/working equipments/tools, if not used for several days will damage or developed faults which will require money to service them, where will one get money to do all these when you asked us to stay at home and not go about our daily means of livelyhood? Even how will we get money to pay nepa bills as they already start distributing nepa bills. Please the government ought to implement good plans.

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    1. It’s a very pity we are complaining at these point in time. Note: When you reject a Gift from God,You must accept same gift from Satan.We rejected a man given to us by God ( Gdluck Jonathan.When God gives you a good a good leader and you reject him,he wl allow you make a choice for yourself. Northerners and Southwesterners connived with each other sabotaged Jonathan’s led government that all the efforts made by the young man to take these nation to a greater height,thinking that all the factions is for Jona.That’s what we are suffering today.I advised that no one should complain.So painfu thhe contry s in total Bondage and Darknessl in the hands of Evil leaders led by President Muhammad Buhari. Can anything good come from them? No..The government s full of lies and heartless. How can a good leader or government lock their citizens at home without rendering any single support of either Food, Drinking water, Food items, Fund or any relief materials,upon all the Billions of naira and relief items donated by individuals and cooperate bodies. They are in Aso Rock merrying and the masses are suffering. My prayer is,one day,God will kill all of them the way he killed Mr Abacha so that we will regain our freedom from them and celebrate their death the way we celebrated Abacha’s death..Amen..

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  36. Our dear president, please use your good office to consider the stiuation of your people, more over permit your people to travel to their state.long live my dear president

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  38. government should help us, we don’t have any food at home again. since morning till now I haven’t eat anything. please I am begging o

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  40. Pleas hunger has nearly kill people now what kind of country is this for God sake government lock people down without money or food pleas we want resumption very to save our life out of hunger since government refuse to do something about it

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  42. Ur Excellency sir, may ur lockdown be effective for us pls, meaning of it, is that ,all our needs in this period of lockdown, financial challenges, food items provision, may God open ur eyes and save the life of citizens of Nigeria my country, some people in part of various state, some work daily pay like Chinese company, iron company some pay 700 a day, pls help us out of this terrible condition

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  44. This govt are so wicked, no provisions of food and money, God’ll judge our politicians, Mr buhari do something don’t allow hunger kill us ooo

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  48. why begging Mr President,no need naw,let him proceed to extending d lockdown.I’m sure that when his entire family including him and all his fraudulent and deceitful cabinets experience more of the wrath of God soonest,they will come to repentance.PDP will never do anything like segregation.they would rather share the donations evenly throughout the nation.
    despite the acclaimed profess of your so called personality,yet the Country is still in debt.
    PDP wont mind to run into debts to make sure everybody benefits……
    Baba well done jawey.no Presidency like ur era
    Prsdnt Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo

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  50. If only all these requests in the comment box will be met then fine, they should go ahead with extension but if not why the extension when people can’t even feed themselves staying home

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  52. If these quarantine period is a good way to fight the virus, fine. Government should make proper preparation especially with every individual. Government should transfer money to every individual’s account through bvn to maintain isolation in their homes. Staying at home with food will help aids fighting the disease to do their jobs effectively. God bless Nigeria.

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  56. Please Mr President the extension of this lockdown will affected many Nigerians especially we the poor.okay now Nigeria is in financial comatose, financial attarasy.please if there is way you leaders can help.the condition of the lockdown is getting worse and critical all the day due to food shortages they are some people who will go to hustle before they get what can feed their family please I am pleading if the extension of this lockdown will continue honestly we will all die of hunger a lockdown without food every day honestly the federal government have to do something about this please before hunger crushes us they should try and find a better solution to this financial problem please thanks Mr president.

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  58. Shering of food will not help…….cash transfer is the solution………poeple are really hungry……Mr President sir, look in to it.

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  60. I only available 2k to give out…pls if u need it u can send your account. Number, tanx. No insult pls

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  62. Good day fellow Nigerians,
    My own view in this our governmental system is that the conscience which is the main tutor of human behavior is no where to be found,
    Now to talk of democracy I don’t think is taking properly according to its definition, Nigeria government has tune the definition to there personal side favor only.
    What we need is theocracy because masses are dying everyday and our government are not thinking about the masses case at all….. Let God arise and fight for this nation…… We just claim to be a republic but no prove cos less privileges are still living like a slave……….
    My father is a medically discharged Army but think of it since when he has been discharged he has not been entitled more than 40yrs ago, how do you want him to survive this kind of time when he is not financially balance to help the upbringings of his children to the level that his old age will not be lacking……come to think of the fact All we need is theocracy.

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  64. Mr president or what you are called, the estimate shows that 40 millions Nigerians has BVN, sharing 20,000 each to those 40 millions BVN holder’s will cost you just 800 millions from those money prominent Nigerians has donated so far, each families will benefit from it.

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  66. Pls Mr president,help us our people are dieing ,no food to eat .pls don’t extend this lockdown pls ..and there is no job graduate today are riding okada.pls we need job.thank you sir,God bless you

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  68. I don’t know what is happening in our country again they as us to stay at home without provide us nothing God is in control.

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  71. In Agbor delta state people can no long buy food stuff or food because police are taken bike from people we deltans in agbor we use bikes always to go around buying food stuff or food, we are not using d bikes badly O just to use it to buy food stuff or food now… Stay at home to eat what air or., the government should tell us what to eat people are suffering hear

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  73. This is too much for our health Mr. Government oga oooo, nawa for you oooooo all this leader or watin you call yourself, you be fools if you don’t know even you are so rude hisses………..

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  75. Please Mr president the only problem with we the Nigerians now is all this promise and fail I know you have give other to disburse money through our BVN yet we have seen nothing please your Excellency try and do something
    God bless you

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  77. We do not need extension, we should rather advise the president to borrow a leaf from the Tanzanian president who rejected shutting down of worship place, declaring that Jesus is greater than Coronavirus. We should not be locked up any longer, I want to run to the house of my Lord ,the creator of the universe. How can I celebrate Easter in my room. No ! my Jesus devoured Coronavirus over 2000years ago. Do not fear for me, For he has given me Spirit of sound mind. Alleluyah I am free from wickedness of the devil. Jesus is risen , Amen.

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  79. You people makes me angry while calling that robot buhari,
    Buhari is somewhere else and you people mounted robot in replacement of buhari.
    You people should be careful.

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