Princess Shyngle shocks many after she shared a photo of how her ‘waist is cutie’

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Controversial  popular actress , Princess Shyngle has shocked many again after she shared a picture of herself on the gram, and we can’t help but wonder where all her hips disappeared to.

Princess shyngle

Some reactions on the photo below;

@funnytoheeb: Where are your fuku and Edo and ifun 😂

@kingscupsall: I would love to know who keeps telling you that looks good, smh

@9jaonpoint: Lol😂 Don’t kill yourself dear. We’ll all die one day. Eat well and drink water

@tina_lidia: With this that I’m seeing I cannot buy o…I can’t come and kill myself 🙄🙄🙄

@hairwevakilla: That’s not sexy and men don’t want no women with a body shaped like an alien….. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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@kay_large_111: Why are you just killing yourself in the name of fashion my Sister…..

@wisdombangs0147: Can you get pregnant with your waist like this😍😍

@soundsof_tipsbeat: Too much of everything is bad. You dey squeeze your intestine give it a space

@warri_man_wife: Madam no die before your time o were you dey do slim shady hmm i don talk my own o👍

@michaelcarbonu: Funny enough your editing was poor😂😂😂you forgot to edit the right side of your waist well 😭 you and I know that is the honest truth I’m in my house come and beat me😂😂😂

@siteman_gsltd: Ur so thin waist is not proportional to ur thick body. Be easy on dis waist training…🙌♥️

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@shegsofdubai: Dem say u remove some ribs … I come dey wonder wetin go remain out of 7 … U WIVKED shaa😂😂😂

@official_omopraise: Its edited guys look at the left side its deeper than the right side…. Look properly its bent joor…. We know u have thin waist but this one u uploaded is not real its Photoshop work… Calm down, relax, take fresh air befor ur village people use u for burnt offering… 😠😠😠

@phat.nubian: Don’t you have friends who actually tell you the truth?

@bbsandy_zikky: I’m not against u training your tummy and waist but the problem is, after training and suffering yourself this way to look good and impress men, your man will still leave u and cheat on u with a lady who has no shape and might end up marrying that one. this world is somehow, men will still cheat on u even if ur tummy becomes as flat as fallen breast if he doesn’t truly love u. I wonder how u breath comfortably shaa

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