Radio Presenter Prays President Akufo-Addo Crushes To Death If He Hires Expensive Jets To Travel (Video)

A Ghanaian radio presenter identified by the name Sammy Huntor was spotted praying in a video making rounds on social media that God should allow President Akuffo Addo to meet his death in a plane crash for squandering taxpayers money.

Sammy said the President of Ghana has been spending the money of taxpayers on unnecessary flight and prays God should take his life on one of his travels through a crash.

He went to say that a lot of ordinary people has lost their lives through this means so the task shouldn’t be that difficult for God to carry it out.

Sammy boldly requested that God should make Akuffo Addo’s death more tragic to the extent that even his body will be burnt beyond recognition.

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Watch video below:

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