Rare photo of Michael Jackson’s two sons in the same picture pop up

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Michael Jackson’s sons Prince and Bigi Jackson were both seen in a picture that is rare to see around.

According to Hzeppfeed, the picture was taken when Prince Jackson graduated from the Loyola Marymount University and his brother was there to support him.

In the graduation mood, Prince took the opportunity to express his profound gratitude to his family for supporting him through his difficult journey through school.

According to Prince, there was a time he wanted to quit but kept going on because his family kept urging him on.

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Now that he has graduated, he says he feels very proud to have attained his degree and is grateful for all their efforts.

Biggie Jackson, who is only 17 was seen to have grown taller in the picture that was taken with his older brother.

Prince Jackson is a known face on social media with an Instagram account and an appreciable number of followers.

His younger sibling, Bigi, is not known as much as his brother as he not normally seen.

Bigi is more reserved when it comes to social media.

See a picture of Prince (in the graduation gown) and Bigi below:

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