Reaction as RRS officers assist motorist whose vehicle ran out of petrol in Lagos highway

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Officers of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) on Saturday, August 31, gave much-needed assistance to a motorist whose vehicle ran out of petrol on a Lagos highway.

According to the commander of (RRS), DCP Tunji Disu, some personnel of the squad assisted him with a few litres to enable him get to the nearest fuel station.

The RRS had taken to Twitter to narrate how officers of the force helped out the young lady at night. RRS had stated that the lady had a car flat tyre which the officers helped her fix.

On the Twitter post, it was stated that the officers of the squad had spotted the lady while she was stranded along the road and decided to help.

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They shared photos of officers replacing the lady tyre. The post stated: “Officers on patrol just stumbled on this lady in distress and helped her fix her flat tyre. #TheGoodGuys.”

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