Reality TV Star, Nina Ivy, Conveyed In A Wheelchair At An Airport After Her Bum Surgery

Reality TV star, Nina Ivy resorted to the use of wheelchairs to convey herself at the airport after undergoing a successful butt surgery.

You would recall that Nina Ivy slammed her critics after who disapproved her over her decision to go under the knife and enlarge her yansh and she took to her Instagram story to state that her critics are hating on her because they want to also do the surgery but they can’t afford it.

She wrote;

“A lot of you are hypocrites, most of you be suffering depression cos you don’t want your current body and no money for surgery because you can’t afford one,”

“So all you gat to do is sit and judge. Sis, I got my body done, I took out my fat and put it where I need it more, and damn this new body is killing me. I did it for me and not for any of you.

“And no I never signed a contract not to have my body done before getting signed by any brand. In fact, I always tell my manager to tell them that I’m getting surgery. So all these fusses is a waste of time, trust me.”

However, in a new video she posted on her Instagram story, as advised, Nina Ivy is seen being pushed on a wheelchair at the airport after enlarging the bum so as not to put pressure on her newly enhanced bum.

Watch the video below;

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