Relationship Therapist Blessing Okoro Explains Why A Lot Of Older Women Date & Marry ‘Small Boys’

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Controversial Nigerian relationship and se.x coach, Blessing Okoro has revealed the reason why some older women prefer to date men who are younger than they are.

In a YouTube video shared on her page, Blessing enlightened her fans on how love works without taking age into consideration. She said people tend to fall in love with people who treat them right. Explaining further, Blessing revealed that the gender who are more likely to fall in love first are females.

According to her, women are very emotional beings and easily fall in love with men despite their age difference when they are treated right by a man. She added that once a man is able to satisfy a woman emotionally and sexually, she will fall in love with that guy.

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Love is about how people treat you. It is not about how old they are. When people that you right there is every tendency that you would fall in love with them.

Women are very emotional beings and that’s why when you treat a woman right, she would most likely connect subconsciously to you, regardless of your age. Once a man is able to satisfy a woman emotionally and sexually, she will fall in love with that guy. Give her the attention she craves and watch her display her love to you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in marrying someone who is older or younger. So long as there is love and consent, nothing should stop you.

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Trust me, there many people who are still fools at 40, hence, age should not be a factor. There are a lot of young people who are very wise and mature. When you find such people, please don’t let them go.

Women should learn to be with people who treat them right and the age of the man is nobody’s business because it is your life.”

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