Remember the old woman who said her wish was to sleep on a mattress before she die? Here is what happened (video)

Wish of old woman to lie on mattress before she dies comes true

An old visually impaired woman called Yaya Kwanjit at Saanbona in the north east region of Ghana with the wish to lie on a mattress before she dies now rejoices as her wish has come true.

JoyNews made the presentation of five mattresses and many other gifts in cash and kind as several people had come out to donate massively after the old woman’s story was aired.

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According to Yaya, she is currently convinced with the love shown her that even a stone can germinate.

Watch the video of the old woman receiving her gifts below:

The old woman indicated that she got blind after she gave birth to her second child and she believes that if she had money to take care of herself, she would have still had her sight.

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She also added that even though she did not know her age, she believed to be way younger than how she looked and attributed her looks also to a lack of money.

At her old age and in her condition, Yaya said she went some days without food. According to her, being poor simply means not having the ability to afford what one likes, and that was the state she was in.

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Many Ghanaians were full of positive comments after hearing that the old woman’s wish had come true.

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