Reno Omokri Reveals Why Sad Posts Get More Comments And Reactions

‘Nowadays, To Be Real Is To Be Boring!’ – Reno Omokri Writes

Reno Omokri has published yet another profound message on his Twitter account centred on why specific posts get more engagement and likes than others.

The social media influencer, author and former aide to ex Nigerian President Jonathan Goodluck argued that most people respond swiftly to sad news because they are programmed to feel sorry than to be happy for others.

This he explains, is the reason why thought-provoking articles and ‘good news’ posts don’t get much reactions juxtaposed to the sad and morose ones.

“When your Facebook status is that you are holidaying in the South of France, you got 20 likes. But when your status is ‘Oh no, I just lost my job’, you get 2000 likes and 50 comments. People prefer to feel sorry for you than to feel happy for you!” he full post read.

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Reno Omokri Reveals Why Sad Posts Get More Comments And Reactions

Omokri was the Vice President, Africa, at Joe Trippi and Associates, a U.S Political Consulting firm. As the Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, he was noted for using social media to conduct surveys and project the developments undertaken by the Nigerian Government.

When President Umaru Musa Yar’adua was evacuated from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia on November 23, 2009, for a medical emergency, he did not hand over executive powers to his vice, Jonathan. This led to the founding of the G55 – a group who put pressure on the Nigerian Senate to transfer power to Jonathan.

In 2011 he led some Diaspora Nigerians to endorse Jonathan for the 2011 elections, Omokri was a signatory of a letter by a group known as G 57 that called for the resignation of Yar’adua. Between 2015 and 2016, Omokri was the host of Transformations With Reno Omokri, a Christian teaching program broadcast on Comcast, DISH Network and Roku. The 30 minute weekly telecast was produced by the Mind of Christ Christian Center in California.

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Since May 29, 2015, Omokri has become known as one of the main opposition voices in Nigeria and has had several run ins with the current government in power. He has also been an advocate for restoring the moral fabric of society and other conservative value (Wikipedia).

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