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Sandra Iheuwa’s estranged husband reveals why their marriage failed: ‘She is always on social media, she doesn’t care about the home.’

Steve Thompson, the estranged husband of sandra iheuwa , who is also the baby mama of music executive Ubi Franklin, has spoken out for the first time since their marriage was said to be on the rocks.

Sandra Iheuwa's estranged husband reveals why their marriage failed: 'She is always on social media, she doesn't care about the home.'

Steven Thompson said in a lengthy Instagram post that their marriage will not work because Sandra Iheuwa married for the sake of social media, and she only cares about social media and not the home.

Sandra, he claims, is constantly fighting individuals on social media and does not carry out her responsibilities as a wife, such as cooking, cleaning, and child care.

As he puts it:

“I have to say something, and this will be the first and last.” My marriage with Sandra will never work again because she spends too much time on social media. She doesn’t care about the house and brags about how many times she has cooked.

Truth is, I will not allow anyone to smear my good name; I married the wrong lady who knows how to fight; she is battling everyone; she even lied that I gave her std; I have been on my own for 4 years; wahala now wants to kill me.

She stated that she dealt with her ex- through her blog and that she will do the same with me. I relocated her belongings myself as soon as she left.

Sandra married for the sake of social media, not for the sake of her home. Most of the time, the entire place is filthy, and the bedroom pillow is on the floor. She blocked my sister Amara and my uncle in America, and she continues to quarrel with everyone. Everything she says and does is a lie.

This is my second marriage, and I’m currently concentrating on my business. This baby is unmarryable. She threatened to deal with me because she knows bloggers. Do you read blogs for news?

I squandered N45 million by marrying someone I’d never met. Every day, I’m an American, I’m an America, I know you married me for the Green Card, bla bla bla.

Is a Green Card required to reside in Lekki? I don’t want it again, so please give it to your next husband. She gossips about others and threatens to deal with me. Thank you, God, for the grace of the voyage. “It’s over.”

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