See the health benefits of sperm you don’t know.

See the health benefits of sperm you don't know.


Oh yes! Semen or seminal fluid is an organic fluid secreted by the gonads of a male animal during coitus. It is released mainly during orgasm.

Recent research has proven that semen has got some benefits.

Semen can be absorbed by the vagina/anus during copulation.

Here are some of the benefits it gives in summary:

1) ANTIDEPRESSANT: Semen is proven to contain “Nerve growth factor”—this causes the female to be relaxed during coitus so that the semen can achieve it’s reproductive aim. It is an important hormone for anti-depression and is said to be lacking in the brains of people suffering from depression.

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2) ANTIANXIETY: Semen is said to contain mood-enhancing substances such as; Oxytocin (cuddling hormone), Estrone, Progesterone etc.

3) LONGEVITY: Spermidine; extracted from semen when ingested by animals had proven to dramatically increase lifespan by 25%.

4) BRAIN FUNCTIONS: Nerve growth factor does this.

5) TEETH WITHENING: The presence of Zinc in a semen does this. Zinc aids sperm survival.

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6) HAIR TREATMENT: Semen contain about 200 proteins that gives your hair strength and shines.

7) SKIN CARE: Spermidine is an antioxidant and is great for the skin. It’s believed to smoothen skin, lessen wrinkles, and even diminish acne. In fact, companies sell spermidine.

8) ENERGY: Semen contain fructose which is a major source of energy. It aids sperm cells in swimming during reproduction.

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1) One can be allergic to semen

2) These vital nutrients are in minute quantities.

3) Semen could have STD.

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