See what happened to this baby who tried to start her mum’s car , she was not expecting it ( Video)

See what happened to this baby who tried to start her mum's car , she was not expecting it ( Video)

Babies have very cute expressions to things and the way they go about it with their pure innocence makes their reactions to mundane things almost priceless.

A video surfaced online recently of a baby who tried to start her parent’s car with an attempt to drive it.

She did not expect the next thing that happened. @cctv_idiots captioned the video: “Baby ages 60 years in tenconds”, and that may just be the best description.

As the toddler fumbled with the car key trying to insert it into the start hole, not knowing her other hand was on the horn pad on the steering wheel, she honked it.

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Almost immediately, she appeared shocked and she gave the person filming her a horrifying look.

Her facial expression went from a baby trying new things out to the look of an older person who is so disgusted by bitter experience.

The person behind the camera, perhaps her mom, kept laughing all through as the baby looked on in utter surprise at what just happened.

Watch the video below:

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