Single mother tells touching story as son signs her shirt after final papers

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Life has a funny way of happening as people whom others have mocked or disregarded end up rising from the ashes.

In Nigeria for instance, when a young lady gets pregnant out of wedlock, her life basically halts and she is not able to do the things others in her age group are doing. This is often the case especially when the child’s father is no longer in the picture.

Well, a young single mother identified as @me_duch on Twitter, has proved naysayers wrong.

Duch who is a single mother shared a photo of her young son signing on her t-shirt after finishing her final papers, to celebrate her being a graduate.

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In the caption of the post, Duch explained that she was faced with either being a roadside pepper seller or going to school. Well, she decided on the latter, a choice she has lived not to regret.

She wrote: “I had him years ago and had to choose between being a roadside pepper seller and going to school, I knew going to school won’t be easy at all coupled with the fact that I’m raising him alone, Well my son was in school to sign my T-shirt as a graduate ❤❤”

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