Solo Leveling chapter 154: Spoilers and leaks revealed!

Solo Leveling chapter 154

The spoilers for Solo Leveling chapter 154 have finally been revealed, so what should fans expect to go down in this week’s highly anticipated chapter?

Fans of the Solo Leveling franchise are delighted to know that a drama series and video game adaptation are being produced, but it’s the ongoing web novel that is the OG.

Every week, the series and main characters trend on social media and with the new chapter dropping in a matter of hours, we breakdown the leaked spoilers for Solo Leveling 154.

Solo Leveling chapter 154: Release date

Chapter 154 of Solo Leveling is expected to release online on Wednesday, June 2nd.

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You can read our full breakdown of the release

Solo Leveling chapter 154: Spoilers and leaks

SPOILER WARNING: Do not read on unless you wish to know potential spoilers for Solo Leveling chapter 154.

Thomas Andre and Jin-Woo are staring out at the massive gate in the sky, they think that it could be the work of Monarchs.

On the news, a scientist explains how this current gate is ten times larger than Kamish’s gate and that if Jin-Woo can’t deal with it, no one can.

The Hunter Association sends a helicopter to the gate to give a better account of what is going on. One of the hunters is shocked to see a monster nearby and someone riding it.

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President Woo Jin-Cheol enquires about the monster and the person riding it, but it turns out to be Jin Woo on Kaisel.

Jin-Woo is flying very fast towards the gate, but something suddenly stops Kaisel in its tracks; some type of invisible wall. He pushes with all his might, but the mysterious wall doesn’t move.

The chapter ends with Woo Jin-Cheol summoning all Korean hunters to Seoul, after reports come in that no new gates have appeared after the big one.

Spoilers were reported from a variety of sources and will be updated if any of the described information is altered.

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