Son-in-law impregnate mother in-law who came for “OMUGWOR”

Son-in-law impregnate mother in-law

A son-in-law, Mr. Christopher Chori, is in serious dilemma after he impregnated his mother-in-law, Mrs Priscilla Kwange who had come to take care of their new baby.

According to a report by The Saturday Sun, the woman had been seeking for the fruit of the womb for a very long time, so she reportedly decided to test her fertility with the son-in-law.

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Kwange’s marriage misfortunes

Mr. Kwange, a Tiv from Taraba State, has been married to his second wife for about 10 years. Their marriage came after he lost his first wife, Rose Kwange, to a fatal motor accident. But before she met her untimely death, the late Rose had a daughter and the only child with Mr. Kwange. It was after her death that her widower husband got married to Priscilla.

But unfortunately, in the past 10 years, the couple never had a child. And this development had always caused quarrels in their marriage as the man’s family members strongly believes that the fault is Priscilla’s. They cited Rose’s daughter as proof of Kwange’s virility.

Kwange who was in a quandary over his wife’s inability to conceive, equally believed that she is the problem and made several attempts to send her packing. But Chori, their son-in-law, a Mada from Kokona Local Government Area of Nasarawa State who got married to Faith, the man’s only daughter, prevailed on him not to do so. He was said to always intervene, telling his father-in-law that God is the only One who gives children.

He is said to have also advised him to seek medical attention or try some fertility drugs if he was not too keen on seeing medical or fertility experts. But he had always refused, noting that there was no problem with his body and citing Faith as a proof of the point he was trying to make.

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Chori was said to always been on the phone with his father-in-law and mother-in-law trying to appeal to them to see reasons and that their inability to have a child should not constitute a clog in the wheel of their marital bliss. All the same that did not deter Kwange from looking for other ways out of the problem. Unconfirmed sources told Saturday Sun that he is into all sorts of extramarital relationship with other women in his bid to get a child but so far none had produced the expected result.

On Priscilla’s part, as Africans would say, during those years, she traversed seven lands and seven seas in her search of a child she would call her own. In her desperation to keep her home, she did a lot but without any of her numerous medical efforts yielding tangible result. Sources say there is no known fertility hospital she has not visited in Taraba, Makurdi, Abuja and Jos, with the help of their son-in-law, Chori. But it was all to no avail. It was in the course of these fruitless search for solution that the devil chose to strike in a most embarrassing and shameful way.

Living with fate after the departure of Faith

Sometime, towards the end of 2018, Faith, who had been married to Christopher for about four years but without a child to bless their union, suddenly took in and gave birth to a baby boy in May 2019. Good news! But the sad news is that she died shortly afterward, leaving the poor baby without a mother. She was said to have died from complications which resulted from her delivery of the baby through caesarian section. She was buried within one week of the incident. Faced with such a difficult situation, Kwange asked his second wife to move to Lafia to assist with taking care of the newborn baby Faith left behind.

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One thing led to the other, and after spending seven months in Lafia with her son-in-law who works with one of the federal government agencies, Priscilla was found pregnant. Investigation shows that within that period, she had regular sex with her son-in-law. Pregnancy later became the result of her sexual escapades.

Kwange’s regrettable story

Right now, her husband, Mr. Sylvanus Kwange, an ex-service man, is livid with anger over the sordid development. Speaking exclusively with our correspondent in Lafia on his arrival from Jalingo, the man who is boiling like a kettle of hot water, threatened to deal with both his wife and his son-in-law for daring to commit such sacrilege. He vowed that his wife would never step her foot into his house again, come what may. He affirmed that his wife had been in Lafia for ab

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