Speed Darlington rants over Regina Daniels’s relationship to Ned Nwoko

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Famous teenager actress, Regina Daniels’s relationship with 59-year-old billionaire, Ned Nwoko, raised a number of reactions on social media after people became aware of it.

As expected, some people frowned at the relationship between a very young girl and a much older man. However, the tide seems to have changed and the film star now has several ladies on social media admiring her.

Aside from that, controversial singer Speed Darlington, has reacted to Regina’s alleged marriage with Ned.

In a post shared on Instagram, the Speedy explained that he wants to teach the 59-year-old man a lesson for being in a relationship with a much younger girl.

His grouse seemed to be that he is 34-years old and supposed to be dating someone of Regina’s age but a 59-year-old man beat him to it.

“Does this man have a daughter? I want to fuck his daughter, I am obsessed with the thought 😡 😡 😡 I want to teach him a lesson. This man is married to a 22 19 and 23 should be my play playground what am I supposed to do now? If a 60 year old man is with early twenties am I supposed to become pedophile and begin looking at 13 year olds? You see where my anger coming from”?


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