Sue Aikens bio; net worth, Wiki, husband, weight loss, life below zero

Sue Aikens bio; net worth, Wiki, husband, weight loss, life below zero

Sue Aikens is an American television personality. She is well known as one of the stars of US documentary television series ‘Life Below Zero’. Previously, she as well appeared in the TV series ‘Flying Wild Alaska’. Aikens was born in Chicago, Illinois on July 1st, 1963.

Sue Aikens bio; net worth, Wiki, husband, weight loss, life below zero
Sue all smiles as she poses for a picture. Photo: @sueaikens
Source: Instagram

Sue Aikens Family | Young

Together with her mother they left her father and took off to Alaska with her. Eventually, they settled in a village 80km north of Fairbanks, the largest city in interior Alaska. Her mother later left her alone to pursue her own life and the young girl had to learn to fend for herself in the cold wilderness. She is of American nationality. Furthermore, there is much no information regarding her ethnic background at present.

Sue Aikens Married | Husband

Sue has been married a total of three times, she was previously married and she lived in Oregon. Her second husband of 17 years is dead and her two children, aged 32 and 28, live elsewhere in the United States with their own families.

She attended Lowell Whiteman School and graduated high school at the age of 13.


Sue has had a successful career on TV as a star in the reality show Life Below Zero and other shows. Since making her debut, Sue has become a darling for many who love what she does. She has been gracing our screens for around a decade as of 2021. Besides Life Below Zero Sue Aikens has appeared in other adventurous TV shows such as:

  • The Joe Rogan Experience (2009)
  • Sarah Palin’s Alaska (2010)
  • Flying Wild Alaska (2011)
  • Fox and Friends (2014)
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However, it is through Life Below Zero Sue has become famous.

Sue Aikens bio; net worth, Wiki, husband, weight loss, life below zero
The TV personality enjoying the sunset. Photo: @sueaikens
Source: Instagram

So far, Sue Life Below Zero television show has been around for over seven years. All the 16 seasons of the show have been airing on National Geographic Channel. The show has won 5 Primetime Emmys.

About Life Below Zero show

The show’s name depicts the weather conditions people in the region of Alaska live in. It shows the struggles they encounter to survive freezing and harsh weather as they undertake daily and seasonal activities. Different families and individuals have been featured in the show to illustrate the experiences of subsistence hunters in the region.

Sue Aikens Life Below Zero has a large fan base and followers since it started airing on May 19, 2013. For more information about the TV show, check out the Twitter handle, @Life Below ZeroTV.

Is Sue Aikens leaving Life Below Zero?

In February 2017, Sue Aikens filed a lawsuit against the Life Below Zero producers. She claimed that her contract with the BBC gave her emotional stress since she was forced to film in hazardous scenes. This, in turn, endangered her safety. However, Sue has not decided to leave the show yet.

Sue Aikens net worth

How much does Sue Aikens make per episode? Bearing in mind that she is in the main cast, her pay is impressive. Reports have it that her net worth is $500,000.

Sue Aikens husband and personal life

Sue puts a distinction between her career life and personal life. She reveals very little about her personal life.

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Sue Aikens bio; net worth, Wiki, husband, weight loss, life below zero
Sue taking a selfie out in the wild. Photo: @sueaikens
Source: Instagram

Sue has been married three times in her life. She was married for 17 years to her second husband before he passed on in 2004. They had two children, who are now adults and living with their own families. Currently, Sue is in a long-distance relationship with Michael Heinrich.

Weight loss

Sue Aikens underwent significant weight loss in 2020, which raised speculations of surgery among her fans. Sue Aikens’ total weight loss is around 75 pounds (34 kg), following her commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Sue Aiken is a hardworking reality TV star who has a proven track record of success in her career. Despite the challenges she faced as a child, she beat the odds and pursued her dreams. Today, she is celebrated worldwide for her determination and remains a great inspiration to lovers of the Life Below Zero televisionshow.

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