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sweet words to tell a woman to make her feel special, and make her fall in love with you

sweet words to tell a woman to make her feel special, and make her fall in love with you

You might now be wondering what romantic love quotes or beautiful things to say to your girlfriend that she hasn’t already heard. So don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

sweet words to tell a woman to make her feel special, and make her fall in love with you

Everyone wants to hear nice and heartfelt remarks from someone who means a lot to them. If you have a lady who has captivated your heart and you can’t picture your life without her, you must tell her some of the most romantic words possible so that she understands how much you appreciate her.

We’ve compiled a list of 125 adorable things to say to your girlfriend that are sure to make her grin. If you’re nervous or can’t say it to her face, there are also cute things to text your girlfriend in the collection. In any case, she’ll fall even harder for you with the help of this list than she already has!

  • God was probably just strutting his stuff when he created you.
  • You were a shooting star’s wish come true. I recall wishing that one day I would discover genuine love, and I did. Now, I believe that if you truly need something, your request will be granted.
  • You deserve the entire world, my darling. I may not be able to give you the world, but I can give you something far more valuable: my heart, soul, and entire self.
  • My heart beats your name every day of my life, every hour and minute.
  • You’ll recognize me when you look into my eyes. But you will find yourself if you delve into my heart.
  • When I look at you, it’s difficult for me to comprehend how someone like me could end up with such a lovely princess.
  • I admire everything and everything about you, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.
  • I was listening to a song on the radio about the singer’s ideal woman, and it reminded me so much of you.
  • You are my most valuable possession.
  • It’s not worth living a life without you. When you’re with me, I’m at my happiest and completest.
  • Roses are pink, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and you are as well.
  • I fall in love with you more and more every time I see your beautiful face and gaze into your incredible eyes, and it feels like heaven to be with you.
  • What I appreciate the most is spending time with you, talking and joking with you.

Sweet words to make her fall in love with you

These beautiful words will make her fall even more in love with you. If you lavish her with beautiful words, she will be yours forever.

sweet words to tell a woman to make her feel special, and make her fall in love with you

You’re exactly what I’m looking for in a woman.

  • You give me a sense of stability.
  • You’re always on my mind, in some way, maybe a little, sort of.
  • I’d go anywhere with you.

Everything feels right while I’m with you.

  • I’ll love you until the day I die…and possibly beyond.
  • Nothing else matters when I’m with you.
  • Do you realize how incredibly adored you are by me?
  • All love is delectable, but ours is the most delectable.
  • I know true love exists because you exist in my life.
  • You encourage me to be my best self.
  • We’re like two peas in a pod together.
  • You’ve got a certain radiance about you.
  • I will always treat you as though you are the most unique and gorgeous woman on the planet. This is my primary goal: to make you happy and confident in yourself.
  • When I remember that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I begin to miss you intensely, as if the rest of my life should have already arrived.
  • You are lovely, charming, and spectacular, in addition to being beautiful.
  • Did it hurt when God took away your wings and sent you on Earth to live?

Romantic words to make her fall in love

If I were to wake up in heaven after death and be given the option of returning in any form, I would chose the form of a tear. This way, I can be born in your eyes, roll down your cheeks, and finally die on your lips.

  • One of my tears has found its way into the vast ocean. Only when you find it will I most likely stop loving you.
  • Before you came into my life, I had never known what it was like to have butterflies all over my tummy, and now I do every day.
  • Take a glance at the sky if you happen to be outside on a gorgeous cloudless night. Thousands of stars will be seen. Every one of them represents one of the many reasons I adore you.
  • When you enter into the room, you make my heart sing.
  • You’re a better half of me and the second half of my life. I’d probably be lost if it weren’t for you. You complete me, and I couldn’t ask for a finer life partner right now.
  • My flower, you are everything to me. Do you notice how hard and long I stare at you, how engrossed I am when I smell your perfume? Do you realize you’re my entire world, the single flower in my entire garden?
  • Everything you do increases my delight, decreases my sadness, and expands my happiness!
  • I’m not even sure I want to consider how life would be without you.
  • Baby, you give me reasons to believe, hope, and look forward to the day when we will finally be reunited, never to be separated by distance again.
  • I’d spell out “Y-O-U” if I had to spell out my favorite thing in the world.
  • Eyes as dreamy as a doe’s, lips as smooth as buttery cocoa, strides as graceful as a gazelle’s, voice as soothing as cymbal and lyre harmonies… You are the actual beauty that my heart desired in every way. Thank God I came across you.
  • “Good work, God!” I think whenever I see you.
  • Believe me when I say that I am only looking at you and no one else, alive or dead. Trust me with your heart, for everything I do will make you cry or weep bitterly long before I die.

Cute things to say to a girl

Use these lovely phrases to let her know how much she means to you. In your own words, express some warmth and affection to her! Allow her to feel cherished and joyful. Use these sweet phrases to communicate with your partner.

sweet words to tell a woman to make her feel special, and make her fall in love with you
  • Your father must be a cunning thief, for he stole all the stars from the sky and inserted them into your eyes.
  • I love you more today than I did yesterday, but I also love you less tomorrow.
  • After all has been said and done, I am confident that you are mine. I know this because I can hear your heart thumping happily for me right now. That, my darling, is as it should be.
  • I would adore you till the last rose died if I had a twelve roses, eleven of which were real and one artificial.
  • I walked out last night and stared up at the sky, matching all of the stars with the reasons why I admire you. To cut a long tale short, I was alright until I ran out of stars.
  • I begged an angel to guard you as you slept the night before yesterday. I inquired about the rationale behind the angel’s refusal. Angels cannot defend other angels, the angel said.
  • You can see the twelve most beautiful and fantastic things in the universe if you hold eleven roses in your hands and look in the mirror.
  • Your beauty drew me in, but I admire you for who you are and how much joy you’ve offered me.
  • It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. A photograph of you can only convey three of the most important words to me: I adore you!
  • Today I was thinking about you. I’m always thinking about you, and I’m concerned about your well-being and safety. I hope everything is fine with you!
  • I am a better person when I am around you. When I’m not with you, I’m only half the person you make me be.
  • If it’s true that no one is flawless, then you, my darling, are no one for me.
  • For you, I get up every morning and go to bed every night knowing I’ll see you again the next day. You are deserving of everything nice in the world.
  • My life would be like a broken pencil without you: it would be completely useless.
  • I miss you while you are far away from me. You are the only thing on my mind while you are not with me. When I think of you, all I want to do is be with you right now. And, sweetie, I have this incredible feeling that all of my dreams have finally come true when I’m with you.
  • I’d hold you in my arms forever and breathe words of love and encouragement into your ear if I could, because you deserve it.
  • If you were holding my other hand, I could have conquered the globe with just one hand.
  • I’ve seen a lot of valuable things in my life, but you, my darling, are without a doubt the most valuable. I will never abandon you.
  • In the night sky, there are a thousand stars, but there is only one star in my heart, and that star, my darling, is you.
  • There is no explanation for my affection for you. I adore you for being such a fantastic, wonderful person, and I appreciate everything about you.
  • I miss you like you’ve been gone for weeks even if you’ve only been gone for a second.
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Things to say to your girlfriend that are romantic

These romantic phrases will show you how to use words to make a girl fall in love with you:

  • You are my ray of hope.
  • I adore you because you’re so cute and nice, and I love you even more when I see your smile brighten up your face.
  • Seeing your beautiful face next to me when I wake up is the best part of the day!”
  • So long as you hold the other, I can conquer the globe with a single hand.”
  • I was about to make a remark… However, when I looked at you, I forgot what I was going to say.
  • If I had to choose between loving you and breathing, I would choose to say I love you with my dying breath.
  • You’re more than simply a lover to me. You are my best friend, the one I can trust and who is always there for me, the one I can count on in every situation, and the love of my life. You, my one and only, are everything to me.
  • I love you so much that it aches when you aren’t with me, and it makes me joyful when you are.
  • You came into my life to fill the black holes in my heart, and all I want to do now is hug you tight and not let go, for if I do, those holes will return.
  • Are you curious as to why I believe in God? Because He blessed me with the greatest miracle of all – you.
  • You are the most lovely and elegant person I have ever seen. I know what true love feels like when I gaze at you. Every time you grin, it gives me goosebumps. It was the happiest day of my life when I met you.

Messages of love to make her fall in love

If you want to capture her heart with words, read these love messages for her and choose one to offer her as a token of your affection.

sweet words to tell a woman to make her feel special, and make her fall in love with you
  • I require you in the same way that a poet requires sorrow and flowers require rain. It’s great to live, but it’s even better to live without you. I am completely yours — both my body and spirit are yours.
  • My dear, I want to be with you. I want to meet you at the end of the world because you would make any bad situation easy.
  • I’ll never be able to convey how I feel for you, no matter how hard I try. Every day (even Mondays!) when I wake up, I am so overcome with joy that I almost pass out.
  • Who would have guessed that a heart as tough as mine, hardened to the core, would shake like a chilly leaf just by brushing your fingers against my cheek stubbles? Who would acknowledge that there’s a chance I’ll be yearning for more of your tender caresses on my body?
  • I enjoy the way you put your arms around my neck at all times. I feel safe and secure in your passionate embrace, free of any anxieties and concerns.
  • When I’m with you, I feel like the most powerful man on the planet. I’m invincible and unstoppable. Oh, sweetie, I’m overflowing with admiration and motivation. You are the only person who can make me feel like this, and I wish it would never stop.
  • To me, your presence in my life is more important than anything else in the world. Everything I do stems from my admiration for you. Every night before I go to bed, I pray for you. You are the most important thing in the world.
  • I adore all of your bodily parts and personality characteristics. There isn’t a single aspect about you that I don’t admire.

For a girl, the sweetest love phrases

These charming, sweet words will melt her heart and bring her joy.

  • My sweetie, I miss you so much. I can’t stop thinking about hugging you tight, and if it occurs, I’ll be the luckiest person on the planet.
  • I wish you could be here with me right now. We could make so many more wonderful moments together, because every day I spend with you is a privilege.
  • If we ever have a disagreement and you want to clear things up, simply kiss me.
  • Your smile brings me the most joy in my life. It’s like being blessed over and over by seeing you happy. Thank you for allowing yourself to be who you are.
  • You are the reason I can take a breath. If you departed, I’d feel as if my air supply had been cut off.
  • The most difficult task in the universe is to quit thinking about yourself. I can’t stop thinking about all the time I’ve spent with you, and it makes me so happy.
  • Even when you are far away, you are always with me. Our memories together will live on in my mind and in my heart for the rest of my life.
  • Simply by existing, you are making me the happiest person in the planet. And when you’re with me, I’m overjoyed.
  • I feel like the happiest man on the planet when I receive texts from you. I’m writing it now in the hopes that you feel the same way about me. Don’t ever forget that I love you more than anything else in the world.
  • It is because of your love that I am who I am. I’m not sure where I would be right now if it hadn’t been for it. You rescued me from a life of despair.
  • Do you know what they found when I went to the hospital for an x-ray? You have a place in my heart. My heart will always be fine with you in it, according to the doctor.
  • My life with you and without you are like galaxies apart. You’ve really transformed my life, and I’d like to thank you for sticking with me.
  • I always want to be close to you when you’re with me, just to hear the sound of your heart pounding.
  • I always tell you how much I love you, but you should know that I really mean it. When I utter those three words to you, I am expressing what my heart feels.
  • Let me be your “nothing” if people say that nothing lasts forever.
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To win her heart, say sweet things.

Use these love words if you want to know what to say to win a girl’s heart. She’ll be thankful and loved.

  • You motivate me to compose love poems and prose because you have taught me what love is.
  • You constantly motivate me to be a better, stronger, and more loving person. You are my inspiration and role model, and I am grateful to you for transforming my life for the better.
  • Is there somewhere where we could be alone and no one would bother us? Because I’d like to spend some quality time with you alone.
  • What is one more thing about you that I admire the most? How tenacious you are when you have a strong desire for something, and how lofty your goals are. These are qualities I’ve always wanted to learn from you.
  • You are the ideal woman for me since you are always so nice and caring.
  • My day is instantly made worse if you don’t text or call.
  • I appreciate the way you always treat me with respect, love, and consideration. I only hope I could reciprocate with the same.
  • I sometimes feel like I would have taken a wrong turn if you hadn’t come into my life.
  • We happened to meet by coincidence, but I believe that day was fated. I knew we’d be excellent friends from the moment we spoke. And it was only after we became friends that I knew I was in love with you. Now, I promise you that I will always love you as long as I live.
  • Living on Earth seems like heaven when you’re here with me. I know that as long as I am with you, I don’t need paradise.
  • You’re my fortunate charm, girl. Everything in my life has started to go in the correct direction since I started dating you.
  • It’s impossible to see you with someone else. You are only mine in my eyes, and you will always be mine in my heart.
  • If you asked me what love means to me, I would not hesitate to respond in one word: world. Love is you for me.

Saying lovely things to make her feel special

Use these romantic words if you want to know how to make her feel special with words.

  • I couldn’t possibly enumerate all of the reasons why I adore you. But the main reason is that you are a lovely and charming person, and I am drawn to you inexplicably.
  • I wish I could just tell you how much I adore you right now.
  • Honey, did you know that it’s difficult to forget your scent, your touch, and your smile for weeks after we meet?
  • My love for you will never fade away, and I mean it when I say that. It is unstoppable and eternal, and if it ever changes, it will be for the better.
  • One thing I admire about you is that you never lie to me and that your love for me is clear.
  • If your love is a dream, I don’t want to wake up from it because otherwise my entire life will be a nightmare.
  • Being around you makes life so much easier for me, and it’s incredible how much your presence can change me.
  • My heart beats quicker every time my phone rings and I see your name on the screen. Girl, what have you done to me?
  • As I offer you my heart, I pledge that I will never break yours for the rest of my life.
  • I’m thinking about you right now, and I wish I could sleep close to you. I’d cuddle up to you and hug you in my arms, and it’d feel as if our loving souls had come together.
  • You are such a wonderful person that you might have easily won the hearts of anyone.
  • Thank you for expressing your affection for me.
  • There aren’t enough words in the English language to express how you make me feel. This wonderful feeling I get when I’m near you is the nicest thing I’ve ever experienced.
  • If there is such a thing as liberation from love, I’d rather be imprisoned than walk aimlessly without your affection.
  • My life is an unfinished puzzle when you aren’t here. You are the most important piece of my puzzle that allows it to come together.

Beautiful words for her.

These nice words will not go unnoticed by your significant other. They’ll make her fall in love with you.

Badass Nicknames for your boyfriend or girlfriend
  • I like all of the small gestures you make to indicate that you care about me. They simply increase my affection for and admiration for you. Thank you for taking the time to visit with us.
  • It is extremely important to me that you get what I am saying. No one else would be able to help me as much as you do. Thank you for putting up with all of my crazy ideas and projects, and for being the most wonderful life partner anyone could ask for.
  • In good and sad times, if you are excited or scared about something, I will always be there for you. I will never betray you.
  • Do you have any idea what would brighten my day and make me happy for the next twenty-four hours? It’s your first text of the day.
  • I admire how easy it is for you to make me laugh and grin. Keep up the good work with your humor and positive view on life!
  • You have a great sense of style and always know what to wear to look wonderful.
  • When you’re by my side, I always feel safe and secure, and all my problems fade away. Thank you for giving me a sense of belonging.
  • When you are not with me, I miss you every day of my life. Every single one of my best days has been linked to you in some way.
  • Just tell me when we’re going to meet up again, and I’ll have something to look forward to.
  • I discovered a piece of myself I didn’t realize was missing the day I met you. I admire you for our relationship and for bringing out the best in me.
  • I gave you everything the first time I kissed you. I gave you my body, my heart, and my soul, as well as a vow that my love for you would never change for the rest of my life.

What do you think the most romantic words are?

They are as follows:

  • Adorable
  • Amazing
  • Angel
  • Babe
  • Beau
  • Beautiful
  • Better half
  • Crazy for you
  • Darling
  • Dearest
  • Enchanting
  • Gorgeous
  • Handsome
  • Heavenly
  • Honey
  • Life-changing
  • Main squeeze
  • My everything
  • Paramour
  • Sweetheart
  • Sweetie
  • Swoon
  • Wonderful

These are the most romantic and lovely words you may say to a woman in order to increase her love for you. Hopefully, they will contribute to the strengthening of your relationship and the development of a closer tie between you and your partner.

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