Tacha talks about her relationship with Jaruma Empire (Video)

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Former BBNaija housemate, Tacha has for the first time spoken about Jaruma Empire and their relationship.

During a recent interview on CoolFm, Tacha was asked about her godmother, Jaruma Empire, their relationship and whether or not she got the 50 million naira she promised her.

The reality star didn’t reveal anything about them as all she did was to thank them for their support and state that she loves them. When the hosts asked her to just confirm whether or not she got the money promised to her, Tacha,

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I love Peter Psquare and I love Jaruma”

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Recall that during the TV show, Jaruma was one of her biggest fans, she used her platforms to call for support and votes for her and on announcement that she had been disqualified from the show, Jaruma made a video showing off the equivalent of 50 million in Dirham (Dubai currency) cash, asking her to come back home and get the money.

It was later rumored that they have fallen out after they both unfollowed each other on Instagram. Jaruma later made a post which she deleted shortly after, stating that Tacha is an ungrateful person.

This is the first time she will be addressing this.

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