Hi Guys! Thank God it’s Friday, hope you are fully prepared for tonight clubbing? No dulling moment! Today we will be testing our knowledge in football and I hope you’re all ready for it. There are some football specialist we call them GURUS as well, show them a footballer’s leg and less than a minute they will identify who the players is. Kudos to them! But I don’t think we have such among us. Therefore, am presenting the silhouette of a popular footballer for you all to guess. Check the silhouette image below 👇 So I want you to identify the footballer. Hint: He’s an attacking player and below 35 years. So Guess The Player? Drop your comment

FOOTBALL LOVERS! If You Can Guess This Player Right, Then You Deserves To Be A Football Specialist

Hi Guys! Thank God it’s Friday, hope you are fully…

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