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Take A Look At Expensive Life Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Take A Look At Expensive Life Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Religion is one of the biggest things in Nigeria and some of the world’s biggest churches are in Nigeria. When you think about the top 5 biggest churches or richest pastors in Nigeria, that list is not complete without Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of the Believers Loveworld church or Christ Embassy.

With any church comes a founder/overseer, and since the Lord is good all the time, some of these overseers have over time become Nigeria’s biggest billionaires, controlling church empires worth billions and comprising huge auditoriums, universities, multiple branches, and millions in membership. Besides his messages and teaching, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome net worth, houses, and cars always arouse people’s curiosity.

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1. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome net-worth

According to Forbes in 2011, Pastor Chris is worth between $30–$50 million. Generally, today, however, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is believed to have a net worth of at least $50 million or ₦18 billion.

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Take A Look At Expensive Life Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy Net Worth and Lifestyle

2. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome cars and jets with prices

Only a religious sycophant will pretend that Pastor Chris is less than fabulously wealthy, and thus enjoys the finest things in life such as cars, houses, jets and so on.


Rumors say the pastor may have as much as 30 cars, mostly SUVs. According to church members, these cars are mostly gifts from an adoring congregation. Of course, with an ₦18b fortune at his personal disposal, Pastor Chris can afford any car he wants to drive.

Take A Look At Expensive Life Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


The curly-haired preacher is also believed to own two private jets that are in a hanger at the Lagos airport. One of the jets makes his trips to South Africa and the UK a lot easier. The jets are believed to be worth at least ₦500 million each. One of the jets is registered as a gift from his group of friends and members of his church. This was bought in 2017. Prior to that, he had bought his own airline known as the Sky Power.

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Take A Look At Expensive Life Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris alights from one of his private jet, worth about ₦500m

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3. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome houses and other assets

Pastor Chris has a busy schedule, so it makes sense that he has provided a safe abode for himself and his family to take the edge off, and hide from the constant scrutiny of public ministry. Some of his houses are:

3.1. houses

Pastor Chris owns the White House, a 4-storey building which is his humble abode in Oregun, Lagos State. The mansion comes with a large garage and sports facility. The property is worth over ₦2 billion.

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Take A Look At Expensive Life Of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

3.2. Other assets

As the founder of Believers Loveworld Ministries, Pastor Chris legally can claim much of the billions in assets comprised of Church buildings, equipment, vehicles, and any other property attached to this church, such as the multi-billion Naira edifice that functions as the Church HQ in Lagos. All these run into billions of Naira.

4. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome biography

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a native of Edo state in Nigeria and was born on the 7th of December, 1963 to the family of Tim Oyakhilome. He got his first certification in Architecture and a Ph.D. from the Ambrose Alli University in Ekpoma, Edo state. He started the Believer’s Loveworld in Edo state a lot earlier, first as a school fellowship, and afterward as a full-fledged church with 13m members currently. The church has branched out to different other businesses like the record label, Believers Loveworld Music, where Sinach and Ada Jesus are signed.

Pastor Chris was married to Anita Ebhodaghe from 1991 to 2016.  They have two beautiful daughters, Charlyn and Sharon Oyakhilome. Pastor Anita is the first daughter of an Italian/Swiss mom and a Nigerian father. 

5. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome daughter wedding

Pastor Chris is blessed with two beautiful daughters who are also musicians. Their group name is CSO, which stands for Charlyn and Sharon Oyakhilome. Sharon recently married a Ghanaian born musician as well, Phillip Frimpong, in an extravagant fiesta that has been tagged “royal wedding”. The event was hosted by Pastor Benny Hinn, and was graced by a lot of dignitaries including former President Obasanjo. The reception took place in as many as 7 simultaneous venues.


7. The sources of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s wealth

Pastor Chris is a prolific writer of books in physical, electronic, and audio versions. His royalties from these earn him a staggering income. These are sold in the hundreds of church meetings across the world hosted by Christ Embassy. The “Rhapsodies of Realities” daily devotional sells in the millions each year and must be owned by each member of the 13m member church. Believer’s Loveworld Music is also a cash cow with prominent singers like Frank EdwardsSinach, and Ada Jesus signed to it. 

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Pastor Chris has the most following of any African on Twitter with about 1.2m followers and 1.9m on Facebook as of 2013.  Although, church money is not strictly regarded as Pastor Chris’s personal money, let’s not forget that legally he can lay claim to everything the 13m member church owns, including donations, offerings, and so on. Pastor Chris also runs his own social media website called Yookos. 

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Media companies like Loveworld TV and Loveworld SAT are also money-spinners that broadcast the church’s message to millions worldwide.

8. Scandals 

Pastor Chris has had his share of controversies as with fame comes disputes. Some notable controversies that have dogged Pastor Chris are:

8.1. Miracle claims refuted

For instance, the advertising regulatory body in South Africa once banned the church from airing healing services when it claimed to cure HIV and heart disease. This on the other hand also boosted the following of the church.

8.2. Divorce

In 2013, the marriage of Pastors Chris and Anita hit a roadblock and by April, the wife went to the central court in the UK and filed a divorce. The process went on for two years and was concluded in 2016. The good thing is they were both allowed to share custody of their girls. Sharon is now married.

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8.3. Controversial doctrines

The Nigerian Christian world did not take kindly to Pastor Chris’s declaration some time ago that neither masturbation, drinking, nor smoking were sins before God. This drew the ire of fellow pastors like Pastor Adeboye of the Redeemed Christians Church of God, RCCG. 

8.4. Infamous quotes

This is a quote attributed to Pastor Chris regarding the controversial masturbation issue:

“…there is nothing wrong with Cigarette, the Bible doesn’t say anything was wrong with it… I know a lot of people do complain about it because of the relationship attached to it with some sicknesses like cancer…but if they really believe it is wrong why not ban it totally.

It is the same thing when you have Christians working in the Breweries. The Bible doesn’t condemn alcohol. The only reference made to alcohol in the Bible is ‘do not take too much of wine’. So you see these things has to do with the individual state…if they are convinced something is not good they should just ban it…”

9. Philanthropy

Through philanthropic organizations like the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International and InnerCity Mission for Children, Pastor Chris has undertaken to assist underprivileged people. InnerCity Mission for Children primarily makes education accessible to poor children, while the foundation undertakes missions to African countries, India, Cambodia, and Haiti, especially during periods of crises.

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