The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver – 28

The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 28

Activities are gradually picking up with the phased easing of the lockdown but the curfew still makes night work impossible. 

Trust Nigerians to have devised several ways of getting things done …
 most of the activities that usually take place at night now occur during the day. Parties are holding on a coded level and people are beginning to find their groove back. 
Drama is coming back as well … 
During the week, I took out two ladies; a light complexioned one Peju and her dark skinned friend, Sola. While on the way, Peju asked to use Sola’s powder Saying  she forgot hers at home. Sola told Peju outrightly that she does not share her makeup because ‘work’ has been done on it and it’s strictly for her use only. 
Huh? Which one be ‘work’ again? my ears enlarged immediately to know what this was all about and where it was headed. 
Nothing wey Oko Ashawo no go see for road…

Peju accused Sola of being selfish having used her perfume before going out that day and wondered why she could not share ordinary powder with her. Sola then reaffirmed that it was not an ordinary powder because it had been prepared exclusively for her use only; saying that it had repercussions if another person used it and that was how their fight started.

Peju demanded to know the type of repercussion it would have since she had used it before …used it before?all hell was let loose in the car. 

Sola said no wonder she was losing clientele unlike before when men drooled over her wherever she went. They got physical in the car as Sola accused Peju of stealing her ‘glory’ and gave her a hot slap. They pulled each other’s hair, scratched and hit themselves and I quickly turned off the road to find a place to park. They continued fighting even as I waded in to calm the situation. I then ordered them to come down since I dont condone such in my car.

As people started gathering, they calmed down but Sola said she couldn’t continue the trip in the same car with a traitor so she opted to request for another ride and told Peju to park her things and leave her apartment that day before she returned.

On the way while taking Peju home, she rained abuses on her friend Sola, saying she never knew she had been living with someone who is into ‘special packages’.

I have been hearing about ‘Special Package’, which is very popular amongst runs girls. Now, I hear that married woman too have started ordering for special packages to protect their husbands.  Is God no longer the ultimate protector?This juju thing,does it not expire?Can one find any runs babe who will confidently say their life has not been affected negatively by their juju?I know there are runs girls reading this now and i am appealing to them that being an ashawo that beds several men in one day is bad enough,why add juju to it?why have a bath with peppered water when you know you have scratches that will make you scream out in pain?

Married and Single men are in trouble !!!
Thank God I am Oko Ashawo,dog no dey eat dog

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