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The Middle Belt Protest As Nnamdi Kanu Submitted The List Of States That Made Up Biafra Republic

The Middle Belt Protest As Nnamdi Kanu Submitted The List Of States That Made Up Biafra Republic

It has been confirmed that the leader of Indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has submited the list of states that will make up Biafra Republic to United Nation.

however, the list of the states, include the present five states of the South east, five states in the south south, and one state from the North central.

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The leaders of the one state from the North Central, were not happy with this development, they have asked, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, should exclude them, that if he needs up to eleven states for him to achieve his objective, ” actualization of the Biafra Republic,” which they said that is not necessary that he needs up to that, then you may consider including Edo state for your struggles.

The states that was initially submitted are: Imo, Abia, Ebonyi, Anambra, Enugu, Delta, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Bayelsa, Rivers and Benue, but the leaders of the middle belt, verbally protest their inclusiveness.

Through this struggle, Kanu has visited world leaders nation and has gain massive support from them, he urges supporters not to be discouraged and also commended them for their patience, and endurance that his struggles for the freedom of Biafrans will not be delayed again.

“God made the “Briexit” possible will definitely makes our struggles to yield fruit, whether the power that be like it or not.”

Do you think it is a good decision to include the Middle Belt state to his struggle? Please leave your comment and share in the social media, let the discussions continue.

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79 thoughts on “The Middle Belt Protest As Nnamdi Kanu Submitted The List Of States That Made Up Biafra Republic

  1. Nmandi Kalu is another dramatic personality Nigeria has gotten. He has no business whatsoever in Middle Belt. I believe his business begins and ends within the shore of his wings, in this case, the Middle East. Edo state which currently is in view for consideration as alluded to by the above report, does not lie in S.East

    1. We live in an intellectual world. Are there basis for which he claims that a middle belt state should go to Biafra? If there are, are they unfounded? Can you refute those claims with facts? If you can’t but Nnamdi can defend his claims, the he wins.

    2. Jerry, all it takes is a bit of imagination. What Nnamdi Kanu is doing is like you, applying for a visa to relocate to another country. In the application form, you’d be wise to list every family member who could come at a later date. The people on the list still reserve the right to accept or decline the offer. They are not under compulsion to travel. After the visa is granted, those on the list are eligible to come anytime they desire. However, you cannot bring anyone whose name is not on the list, should the need or desire arise, at a future date.

      You are not the spokesman for the Middlebelt. There are those who are tired of Nigeria and want to exit. Have you listened to T Y Danjuma and others, lately? Now, according to Nnamdi’s plan, any of the included states reserve the right to the decision, whether or not to leave Nigeria. That determination will come by way of a referendum. Every one of the prospective component states will have the right to stay in Nigeria, exit and form their own nation, or come along with Biafra.

      So, getting your shorts all up in bunch serves you or the Middlebeltans any good. Just pipe down and enjoy Nnamdi Kany spoonfeeding you and your people.

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    1. Ti is left for those state to make up their decision,baifra did not and cannot force middle belt, therefore no need protest by any body or group of people,. thanks

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  4. I’m from Benue state and middle belt as well,for me,i’m highly impressed of joining biafra republic.

    1. My brother you have spoken my mind on this issue, l am a Biafra from head to tole am from Benue state and my names are.. AONDOFA ERIC YEBE TETE

    2. No one has the right to say Benue is not Biafra when Benue has not spoken. Only bona fide (ior Benue) people of Benue like us can talk. I 1000% support and am not just pro Biafra but am Biafran.

    3. My good people of Nigeria, we have reach a stage of dividing this country into three or four part , not by asking middle Bert to join biafrans,we are highly against it . I know what an Igbo man is, they are selfish, heartless just like those herdsmen. personally I disagree with that Nnamdi KANU plan.

      1. God is still working out something, let’s just b calm nd keeping praying for God’s direction in all dis.

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  6. Brother, think otherwise before deciding on issues like this. I am not in support please.
    I am ADULE ORYIMAN JOHNSON Tiv-boy from lekki

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  8. Very good idea to including the Benue state to Biafra. If eventually, Biafra in their strugglness they succed, definitely Odua nation will go and where Benue will be? . They were so far away from yoruba land mark. With north they will becoming minority. But with Biafra they have upper hand.

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  11. What do we gain if we don’t join biafra?. Do you expect us to live with Fulani and all these extremist? what will be the future of our children?….Except they are ready to give us our own nation as middle belt if not biafra all the way

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    1. We need life not death, Biafra is life while Nigeria death, This is why you can see death day and night in Nigeria, The called Nigeria is death and those who rule Nigeria from 1960 till now are all death men,

      God bless Nnamdi Kulu

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  15. Benue should be happy to join Biafra because FG has never cared about the killings and maiming of their people, to the extent of chasing them from their ancestral home. They should e thankful be carried along by Biafra.

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  17. Are we not more like the ibos than any other people!? The idoma people are strongly behind ur agitation. Let Almighty God help ur course as u ride on. Anthony Raymond

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  19. To hell with the protesting selfish sets of claimed leaders..The are useless to the state..I believed the protesting set must be predominantly the Tiv nation. If possible calve out APA state and let those who preferred slavery to freedom continue in their slavery

    1. Let God take control my people, the beautiful once a not yet born, you have a wife yet you think small girl out side a better than the one you have unless you join before you know The perfect one

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  21. Please why is kogi not among. We are Biafra oo (I’m totally Biafra God own country in advance.) God bless Biafra

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  23. Which one is thankful to Biafra to carry Benue along?ever since we have been fighting Fulanis how many help did Biafra help,pls if want to comment just think twice.

        1. Very proud to see the actualization of Biafra happen in my generation.
          Mazi Nnamdi Many may the good Lord protect and guide you throughout the actualization struggle in Jesus name. Amen.

    1. Biafra are still under Nigeria so they can not interfere for Fulani issue, until we become a country of our own. Fulani is the most issue Biafra want to go

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  25. Ask him if he’s father was among those who fort the biafra war, even the families of late ogukwu who started the unforgotten history in the life of the Igbo’s ask them tell will tell u what them when through. And let it bee know that even he succeed today the glory will not be ascribe to him because ojukwu has took the largal corss, now biafra or no biafra , all I no a lion is always a lion, we can never change as a nigerans and Biafra will never change our mentality rather it make thing worse… Mr mark from Benue

    1. Mark!, how far have you gone herdsmen eradicating you like smallpox? Hence you belong to north?, Is better we don’t need you joining Biafra its a problem Benue joining Biafra.🤔😴🤧😱

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  28. How? With Fulani government in Nigeria and you boast that you can survive, my brother impossible. Just wait for Wipeout from headsman. This Nigeria is full of evils

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  30. Benue has three major erthnic group, until when you look into them you will see the ones with Biafra’s origin which I strongly believed that two groups there are of the same cultural heritage with Biafra’s and they really stands for Biafra.

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  32. Benue inclusion in Biafra renders the people more inferior than being Nigerian. What help do pro Biafra rendered to Benue in the Fulani headsman attacks on Benue communities? What factor(s) unify Benue and Biafra? Who recommend Benue inclusion in Biafra? Benue is not in slavery and is not at crossroads to align with neither the South east nor the South south. I am a bona fide Idoma son. Those advocating Benue inclusion should have a rethink.

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  35. Let me correct an impression here, when we say Benue is part of Biafra, we mean the idomas and the igede people. The same goes for kogi state, there only the igalas are included and in Edo state the igbanke people are Biafrans

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  37. See I wonder why pepeol thinks Igbo’s are not unite, politics is diffret from indivitiual issues we need Biafra nation,to secure our future, Nigeria is no longer one Nigeria as you may think but one cabal nation, where they valeud cow more than human

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  39. Dear abbey, even today in Nigeria who surffer and regrets most is it not the common man like you and I so lets try another country.

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  42. I real thank those whom render their opinions here, sir let me comenc on those who said when their fighting Igbo people is support, where would start from, while thereself understand entity call Nigeria,by The way when nigerdeltal their own challenge which idoma Man goes there and help? fight is for few while victory is for many.upbaifra,we need freedom for worship.let ask from 1959 till today what benue benefit, when it come for struggle the northern we use us but for benefit their dump us,let me wise,we officer that so opposed be ig of police their tuned it quarter system, let your intelgence speak an our brain come alive.godbess u all,

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  44. I am in support of membership to the Biafra republic because,living with the northern states will only expose us to Islamization except we are prepared for it,otherwise we might be at great advantage to fellowship with our true Lord&savior without restriction. I never mind but I still have to ask: what shall it profit us if we gain liberty from the Islamic states but looses our lives in hell? Let’s be Rational thinkers pls.

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  46. The truth of everything is that we Igbos are people with good nature of brotherliness. We embrace everybody who is peaceful in all his endeavors & accommodate him, allow him the share with us whatever that makes us up & give him tittle if he wants. I have watched the igbos nature ever since I began my research about each tribe & find it very accommodating.
    So, believe me that any man, any tribe, any state or group that is included in Biafra as a nation will enjoy the reason why he/she is created by God. So because of this, to prove my unconditional love to my brothers & sisters in Benue, I will commence search of a good woman from Benue for marriage. I will properly pay her dowry & take her as a wife, treat her like the best woman on & teach her all mannerisms in my business & establish her with her own personal business. My word.

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  50. Very thank you to Nnamdi Kanu, he knows Benue people are part of Biafra. Our identity are one. God forgive lord lugard for the unholy marriage he conducted in 1914. Our struggle are one, the fulanis knows our true identity that is why they used to refer to us as those that have Igbo blood. Biafra you are welcome. Let them come to attack Benue after the referendum

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  52. Is Nigeria as a nation united?
    What hope do you have within now and the next 10years?
    Annalise the condition of this country both present and is it getting better or worst?
    Think bro..

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  54. Is Nigeria as a nation united?
    What hope do you have within now and the next 10years?
    Annalise the condition of this country both present and is it getting better or worst?
    Think bro..

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  56. Please let him not include the middle belt in this issue of IPOB, because we the middle belt are not fools, how many people lost their lives in this issue now he wants middle belt to join them. No way

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  59. Kanu and ipob group are fraudsters deceiving and defrauding Igbos by telling Igbos they will get Biafra Republic via seccesion and without war. Fraudulent criminal UN of the fallen Anglo-America are complicit and collaborators of fulani caliphate with its emirates against Biafra Republic. Vanquished fallen Anglo-America with their slaves are complicit and collaborators of fulani caliphate with its emirates against Biafra Republic. Only ignorant fools among Igbos do not know the fact that vanquished fallen Anglo-America with their slaves are using fulani caliphate with its emirates to steal wealth of Igbos and other tribes of this natives territory. By so doing, vanquished fallen Anglo-America with their slaves will never support Biafra Republic because they know the fact that Igbos will never let them steal wealth of Igbos. This is 21st century world of Multipolar international order in which fraudulent criminal UN of the fallen Anglo-America has no legitimacy on African Soil, vanquished fallen Anglo-America with their slaves has no legitimacy on African Soil. 21st century world of Multipolar international order in which Africa exist under Southern Countries Union- SCU. Southern Countries Union- SCU which has defeated Anglo-America. Southern Countries Union- SCU which comprises Asia, Africa, South America and parts of Europe led by Russia, Turkey representing Europe, China, India, Japan, Indonesia representing Asia, Brazil, Mexico representing South America, Egypt, South Africa representing Africa. 20th century world international order of the fallen Anglo-America is dead and gone forever. Anglo-America has fallen and gone forever. Fraudulent criminal UN of the fallen Anglo-America is dead and gone forever. Fraudulent criminal UN which is a terrorist organization working for vanquished fallen Anglo-America with their slaves. The ideology of Biafra Republic via seccesion and without war is dead. Kanu and ipob group are dead. Biafra Republic is only via Disintegration with War. Biafra Republic is only with the Sword. The only job remaining to establish Biafra Republic is Elimination of fulani thugs nickname military and police in Igboland now. We have broken backbones of fulani thugs nickname military and police in the last three and half years of bloody engagement against fulani caliphate with its emirates under the natives Disintegrated Republics. Igbos has capabilities and capacity to Eliminate the remaining thugs of fulani caliphate with its emirates nickname military and police in Igboland in less than 24 hours. No community, town, city in Igboland which do not have capabilities and capacity to Eliminate thugs of fulani caliphate with its emirates nickname military and police in their community, town, city in less than 24 hours. Every community, town, city in Igboland must be fully armed now, Kill thugs of fulani caliphate with its emirates nickname military and police on the streets etc. and take their weapons, Kill them in their barracks etc. and take their weapons, Burn Down their barracks etc. and take their weapons for Biafra Republic. It is operation Ogbunigwe for Biafra Republic. Any individual or group in Igboland which do not stand for operation Ogbunigwe for Biafra Republic, must go down with fulani caliphate with its emirates. No individual or group in Igboland is bigger than Igbos. The so-called governors in Igboland which are complicit and collaborators of fulani caliphate with its emirates, has no legitimacy in Igboland, has no place in Igboland, do not represent Igbos, must die with fulani caliphate with its emirates. The so-called Nigeria which is fulani caliphate with its emirates, has fallen. It is Yugoslavia of Africa. The six geopolitical zones are Sovereign States- Biafra Republic of south east, Niger Delta Republic of south south, Oduduwa Republic of south west, North East Republic, North West Republic, North Central Republic. Boko Haram is for North East Republic, Amotekun is for Oduduwa Republic of south west, Ogbunigwe is for Biafra Republic of south east. Anyim Pius Anyim is interim president Biafra Republic of south east.

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  61. I am from BENUE, I thank my brother for his brilliant steps and ideas. He is going to be my mentor when things materialise I sense my brother from the selection of states to form BIAFRA nation by excluding States with Muslim nationalities, because some of them are disturbing. He may not like the peace of the BIAFRA Nation to be disturbed in future. Thanks KANU my brother and the supporters of the agitation.

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  63. Edo state should be included, if they are not going abeg come carry follow body. Biafra here I come

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  65. Namdi kanu is a pundit in freedom struggle and doyen of igbo history. He didn’t make mistake in the list he submitted to UN. He made a wise selection as a Primus interpare in Igbo history. So whoever that is against his list is a mere rifrat, that has no sense.

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  67. Ondo State is the chief part of the Oduduwa Nation.
    So, it will be foolishness to say : they are part of Biafra that doesn’t have charisma to hold n host Yoruba country.

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  71. Leaders of states outside the Ibo states should be contacted and roundtable discussion carried out before inclusion into Republic of Biafra. By the present look of things, Benue will fare better when it is part of Biafra
    – when need arises.
    – Benue man

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  73. My name is Scott Emuakpor Eyitemi from DeIta state. I don’t know the main intention of the Biafra people towards the rest of the state they just mentioned outside southeast when they eventually achieve their goal.But I know no matter how worst or bad their intentions may be it can’t be as worst as what Nigeria is right now bcus Nigeria is already a failed country.

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  75. Benue state as an inclusion?I have so much pities on those of us who are clamouring for it,iam a real tiv man who have stayed here in southeastern precisely anambra where by any none southerner is being regards as Onye awusa,is this not sentimental?or do you believe this hatred can be whipped away by forcibly becoming a biafran state?I have nothing bad against the actualisation of the biafran nation but let others have a rethink of it before drawing a conclusion, thank you.

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  78. Separation from a particular setting is never when it’s obvious; never the less, As a person I love the country called Nigeria. The problem we have is that, it’s being managed by uneducated and unwise persons who do not have anything good to offer to their fellow man. Come to think of it, this will not be the first and will not be the last if Jesus tarries. Is the leaders of the country called Nigeria doing the right thing in terms of development? Capital NO! But they do have good degrees on using the wealth of the nation abroad for the comfort of themselves and their families, making Nigeria a dumping ground. Nigeria has a good number of learned and advanced personels around the world but, because she’s being rulled by those who doesn’t want anything good for the nation, that’s why we’re where we are today and, will continue to be.
    So, if God in heaven have designed that there will be another country out of Nigeria, nothing will stop it, because, He’s the one who set up kingdoms.

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