This Is Not Political Drama – Tacha Chides Remi Kunle For Saying Nigerians Need To Pray

BBNaija star Tacha has chid actor Remi Kunle for asking Nigerians to pray and stay positive in the current situation and ill-treatment.

Remi Kunle in a video said each and everyone needs the other for one thing or the other therefore in such a situation where others are losing their lives, they have to pray and stay positive that everything will be okay.

According to Tacha, these are some of the reasons why most blogs are blocked on her social media platform because she hates to see nonsense and the statement of Remi Kunle is one of the things she hates to see.

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Tacha asked how can anyone in their right sense say they don’t talk political drama in such a situation as this has to do with the future of the country and he is saying he doesn’t talk political drama and this isn’t a political drama.

Tacha then added that prayer without work is death and Remi Kunle is asking Nigerians to pray and stay positive when people are dying each day saying he doesn’t do political dram when this doesn’t have anything to do with political drama.

Tacha is right in one thing as what is going on in Nigeria is not a political drama but rather has to do with the future of the citizens and Remi Kunle was wrong to have said he doesn’t get himself involved in a political drama.

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screenshot below;

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