TITHING HAS EXPIRED! No Christian should be made to feel guilty for not paying it, says Pastor Sam Adeyemi [Video]

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The Senior Pastor of Day Star Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi, has described the law on tithing and offering as archaic, explaining that it has no relevance in the New Dispensation.

Adeyemi said this while preaching on the subject on Sunday, February 25. He urged his listeners not to entertain any guilt for not paying tithe adding that “People should not give out of fear.”

He said he personally took interest in the tithe debate, did a lot of studying and came to the conclusion that God is not angry with anybody that doesn’t pay tithe. He added that the person is also not under any form of curse.

He said,

“I have been following the tithe debate. I discovered that it has been an age long debate and it will be on for a long time. My first observation is that church people are behaving as if we own the word tithe.

 “We don’t own the word. It is an English word. I want to say clearly that tithe, as practised under the law of Moses, has expired. The death and resurrection of Jesus have put paid to it. It has expired.

“All the requirements of the law were satisfied under Christ. It is a gamble to say Jesus never paid tithe. The fact that it was not written that Jesus paid tithe does not mean he did not do it.

 “I can also claim that Jesus did not go to the toilet because it is not written. 18 years of his life were not recorded in the Bible. When he was born his parents satisfied the requirements of the law. John 21v25 says there are many things he did that were not recorded. Jesus did not say it was wrong to pay tithe in his day.”

Pastor Adeyemi further quoted Romans 8, saying the chapter “clearly tells us that we are free. No Christian should feel guilty for not paying tithe”.

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He said ;

“The law of the spirit of life in Christ has made us free. Romans 8 clearly tells us that we are free. No Christian should feel guilty for not paying tithe. There is nothing you can add to what Jesus did to be qualified before God. When Jesus said it is finished it was finished. Gal 3v13 says Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law.

 “A Christian is not cursed because he or she did not pay tithe. A Christian should not give out of fear. A Christian should give out of love. We are free from guilt, from fear. We are in a dispensation of grace.

If you commit murder, you realise what you did and you repent God will forgive you. But bear in mind that Police will arrest you and prosecute you. The forgiveness of God does not remove the consequences of our action.

You are free to decide what to give. But if you sow sparingly you will reap sparingly. Tithing as practised under the law has expired but tithing as a general principle cannot expire. A Christian is free to give any percentage of his money. But just bear in mind that 10 percent is still part of the number. If somebody chooses to give 10 percent he should not be condemned and if he gives less or more than that he has a right to decide on what to do” 

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  1. Enter your comment here.. salvation message is no more preached because we think we have arrived. tithe or no tithe the soul that sins shall die or has that also expired?

    • Man of God, you are full of confusion, who confused you? Go back to research and get this grave mistake corrected.

    • Morning Star Reply

      The Bible says Jeshurun wax fat and kicked
      This Man Pastor Sam Adeyemi has arrived
      We even read that his worth now is over 12 million dollar, he can now start to lead children of God astray with doctrines of demons, strange doctrines from the pit of hell, these are the kind of ministers of the gospel whom Paul warned us against in Phillipian Chapter 3, they are bound to lead children of God astray, I know many sincere believers are going to leave his church as a result of this heresy, its the last straw that will break the camels back, they have had enough.
      Tithing is a covenant, it’s a debt every believer owe God, Jesus the king of glory never condemn tithes, he said this you ought to do and never leave the others undone.
      It’s an obligation of every believer that wants to make heaven
      If you are to pay out of compulsion pay it, or out of discipline or fear of devourers and cankerworms pay it , then start to operate under open heaven, because God’s promise to Tithers is that he will open the windows of heavens
      Since I started to pay tithe God has not cease to bless me, I will pay tithe until I see my lord face to face
      Please I urge every one to stand on word of God, the word of God can never expires, it’s all these pseudo Men of God that will expire with their erroneous doctrines.

  2. Dahunsi Bolaji Reply

    Pastor, u have done so much scriptural study on tithing and offering and concluded it is no longer compulsory in this new dispensation, my questions to you, was your church,cars,houses and investment u have made done in old dispensation or u didn’t collect tithes and offering to get those properties and, having looked carefully into the scriptures, and outside the scriptures, wot did the lord Jesus said to you concerning it before this teaching.. Thank u

    • The man of God is right on point Christ preached giving and not tithing

  3. Franc Uche Reply

    Tithing haa no place in Christianity rather what we should be talking about is offering.

    Offering is what the early Christian did in their own time. The Jesus Christ and apostles did not demand or receive tithe but rather people gave offering as the spirit led them.

    If Jesus Christ and the apostles did not demand or receive tithe, why r Pasters of today doing the opposite? Are we following Jesus Christ or Moses ?

    If you want to pratice the law, the right thing is to practice everything written in the book of the law which include Tithing, animal sacrific, keeping the Sabbath, Feast of the unleaven Bread and so much more.

  4. God bless your grace sir. this is what most pastors are afraid to preach to the congregation. cos the fear to be at loss. I understand what the man of God is saying here. he is not discouraging anyone from paying tithe but doing it with a free heart. not grumbling or struggling. God gifts add no sorrow. it makes u rich.ur money can’t compete the price Jesus paid. these days people sow seeds that does what tithe can’t meet. God needs our heart not our treasure. God can supply meat to his store house with our without ur tithe. shalom

  5. Enter your comment here..pst Sam, what was the essence of the tithe in the OT that it has lost such essence in the NT?

  6. Ntypatrick Reply

    Enter your comment here.. why are we criticizing tithing, and leave offering behind? God said “bring your tithe and offering”. Jesus said do not neglect tithing.
    yes I know some people say tithing is mentioned once in the new testament but must God say something over and over again for you to know how important it is?
    if you don’t pay tithe why give offering why neglecting tithe and giving offering?
    only greedy people say tithing is not necessary, is in the Old Testament, because it is specified, offering is not. so you can have 1 million and give 500 Naira offering, but giving 100k as tithe is a no.
    my dear pastor you paid your tithe and God opened all the doors for you, let me pay my own and receive his blessing you hear?
    the most important thing you should talk about is soul salvation and not debating on tithe.
    thank you

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    • It hard to say the truth . we are still practicing religion not Christianity. I agreed with Pastor Sam Adryemi on tithes as being one of the laws of moses. In true sense of it how many Pastor can boldly tell hid congregation that y the Levite’s in the church are to share all this offerings and tithes. Its hard they collect all for their store house alone and drive expensive cars leave in an expensive house. send their wards abroad . You can share your tithes with the poor around you as Jesus likely said. Give ur best to those in need. ” He said I was in the hospital u didn’t come to visit. I was hungry u didn’t give Me food. Was necked u didn’t cloth me. In as much as u do this to the less privilege one you did it unto me. Brethren let us practice the aspect of giving in secret cos God who sees in Secret will rewards us openly .Not to give arms openly to b seen by many or to give to the already blessed ,”NO” your ten percent present it before God may b monetary or ur flocks or ur crops however do it appropriately let God tells you what to do with it. Thank you and God bless Pastor Adeyeme Sam.

  8. Akinlolu S.Oloruntola Reply

    Enter your comment here..From my own philosophy of viewing things,the man of God didn’t outrightly preached against paying of tithe,rather, he preached against paying tithe out of fear instead of been a cheerful giver.Everyone must be able to give freely,no pastor should create perpetual fear into the mind of their congregation because of their own pocket. thanks,my submission.

  9. Me I am just here to read comment … 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Modupeoluwa Reply

    May God help for me,i will continue to pay my tithe cos it is a way to my blessing and ever since havw been paying it,God has been opening doors of blessing

    • Of course tithing is Blessing… I gues the pastor is just to let us know that tithing is not compulsory

  11. All u know to research is concerning tithe. Have u not found that there was tithe before the law and during the law? and Jesus commended it after the law. Preach salvation and forget what u don’t know, I wonder if God called u.

  12. Sam Adeyemi Reply

    Oh Brethren some of you did not get myessage right

    Genesis 14:19-20

    And blessing him, said, May the blessing of the Most High God, maker of heaven and earth, be on Abram: And let the Most High God be praised, who has given into your hands those who were against you. Then Abram gave him a tenth of all the goods he had taken.

    Is tithing mentioned in the Old Testament or is it an Old Testament practice of the law? What is the purpose of tithing? There are many questions around tithing and giving money to the church and God’s Word has plenty to say about it! Money is mentioned over 800 times in the Bible! God knew money would be something we would hold tightly to and place a lot of importance on. Let’s take a look at what the Bible says about tithing and giving 10% back to God. The below Bible verses should help you decide how you can thank God for what He has blessed you with.

    • Sir, with all due respect have you come across the part in the Bible where even the Levites gave a tithe of the tithe they received (by the law). For a moment, bear in mind that tithing as done by Father Abraham was not under law ( that’s for those who want to freely give a tithe). Now, back to tithing under the law, Jesus came to fulfill the law and by so doing took the place of the high priest. If the highest was to give tenth under the law, and Christ is now the high priest (and Christ is now in us in order for us to be able to individually fulfil the law each day by pressing on towards the mark daily), then the Christ in us is the enabler we need to be able to easily give our tithe in love and not law. Of course we know Christ is coming back to punish even Christians that are found unfaithful when he returns… Please sir, encourage people to tithe. Christ is not coming to pamper us on the last day. Even the Levite’s robbed God of tithes (which is the heave offering they were commanded to give). Can we say they were compelled then to give tithe too? Something they didn’t work for? It is not about being compelled now. It is about insight in the word of God. Sir, I am sure you know that winners tithe to R.C.C.G and it has been working for their ministry.

      For others, please we can try to locate Dr. Myles Munroe’s teaching on tithe. This anti-tithing scheme sweeping across the online space is there to weaken the unity and financial base of the church for what is coming… Please let love lead. Tithe in love and let the God of the calling of these pastors judge how they use it, just as he jointly called the Levite’s “robbers”…

  13. Lydia David Reply

    Enter your comment it’s paining you now cos people are being delivered from the bondage money mongers like you put them into. If you must know most of us have known this for long. Say the truth and it shall make you free.

  14. Does d word of God expire whether old or new….lets be careful how we caption d word of God that could stir up discouragement, misunderstanding, misleading n unnecesssary arguements…

  15. Enter your comment here..People should study the word of God themselves whether new or old testament, meditate on it, practise it daily and God will bless you. Joshua 1:8, Colossians 3:16

    in as much as tithing is written in the word of God, it is our responsibility to observe to do all that is written there in. A number of times, my church had shared back to members food stuff, money etc , so,If I pay tithe to my church, it is my earnings and no others. is it not better than others using theirs to procure ammunitions for selfish reasons. Those that cannot give will under this message and prefer to like it. My tithe payment have been opening doors for me. what you believe is true.

  16. God word Say’s study to show yourselves approved a work man who needed not be ashamed of the Gospel…

  17. The pastor never said tithing is bad but we shouldn’t be paying under duress U can even give 80 percent of ur income if U so desire.

  18. if am yet to pay my tithe,it will look as if am owing a huge debt that will put me to shame. I try to make amend and things work out time thereafter. it’s really working for me.

  19. This tithe stuff has brought lot of confusion and argument in the church. I believe paying of tithe should be done willing.

  20. Enter your comment here..that’s true,I wonder
    why pastors only pick tithing in old testament and dump,thou other laws in the same old testament, is it because money is involved in tithing?

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