Tommy Vext biography: net worth, wife, ethnicity, age, what happened to bad wolves lead singer?

People nowadays have varied preferences when it comes to music. Some like classical, whereas others like rap and hip-hop. Heavy metal has also been a favorite for a big niche. And Tommy Vext is a name that is commonly heard when it comes to music such as that.

Tommy Vext biography: net worth, wife, ethnicity, age, what happened to bad wolves lead singer?
Singer Tommy Vext of Bad Wolves performs as the band opens for Five Finger Death Punch’s kickoff of its fall 2019 tour at The Joint on November 1, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Ethan Miller
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Who is Tommy Vext?

Tommy Vext, who was actually named Thomas Cummings, is a very popular heavy metal lead vocalist who has been in various bands like the Bad Wolves, Divine Heresy, Snot, and Westfield Massacre. He worked as a lead vocalist in all of these, which helped him reach the success in his career.

Tommy Vext (April 15, 1982) was born in New York City in the United States. There really is not much information about his family as he has always been a very private person and prefers to publicize only his work rather than his personal life.

Tommy Vext’s age

Tommy Vext’s birthday is on April 15; he was born in 1982. As of 2021, he is 39 years old.

What ethnicity is Tommy Vext?

Tommy Vext’s nationality and ethnicity have been a subject of curiosity.

The musician is American by nationality, as he was born in the United States. He describes his ethnicity as African-American.

Is Tommy Vext Black?

Yes, he is. However, he has beein involved in some controversies for denying racism towards Black people. He later clarified he did not mean it this way and he only meant that he has never experienced racism.

Early life and career

Is Tommy Vext adopted? Tommy Vext’s parents adopted him when he was two years old.

He was abandoned by his birth mother but grew up in a large family with his parents, twin brother, and adopted sister. His dad was a Vietnam vet who worked at school while his mom took care of the kids.

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Tommy Vext biography: net worth, wife, ethnicity, age, what happened to bad wolves lead singer?
Musician Tommy Vext of Bad Wolves arrives at the premiere of “Mind Over Matter” at the Ahrya Fine Arts Theater on January 28, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Photo: Amanda Edwards
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As he was growing up, Tommy Vext’s brother started having severe mental health issues and became violent. Sadly, this separated the family – Tommy’s father developed an alcohol addiction, and his mother moved away with his sister, as she feared that the boy might hurt them.

Tommy Cummings’ singing career started when he was a teenager. During his young years, the musician performed in local clubs and eventually formed a band with his friends called Maniacal Disciple. This was also when he adopted his stage name.

In 2006, he joined the band Divine Heresy, and, the next year, they released a studio album, Bleed the Fifth, which became critically acclaimed. Vext provided most of the lyrics for the album.

However, he got fired from the band in May 2008 after a fight with the group’s co-founder, Dino Cazares. Although the split was not taken easily by any of the sides, he decided to return to the new version of the group in 2014.

Another one of Tommy Vext’s groups was Snot, which originated from California and was formed in 1995. It disbanded in 1998 after the lead singer, Lynn Strait, died; however, it came back in 2008 with Tommy as a vocalist. The band later went on hiatus, reunited briefly in 2014, and separated again.

As a singer, Tommy Cummings also sang in a self-formed group, Vext, together with the members of Mutiny Within and a guitarist Angel Vivaldi. As a band, Vext released two EPs – Impermanence and Broke is the New Black.

Westfield Massacre was formed by the musician after Snot disbanded and released their self-titled album in 2016.

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One of the most famous bands where this musician performed was Bad Wolves, which was formed in 2017. Their debut album Disobey was released in 2018 and reached number 23 on Billboard Hot 200.

They also released multiple singles, one of which was a cover of Zombie by The Cranberries, and the others were original songs. In addition, they toured with a few popular heavy metal bands.

Is Tommy Vext still in Bad Wolves?

Many people would like to know – what happened between Tommy Vext and Bad Wolves? He left the band in January 2021, originally claiming to have been forced out by the label and his bandmates. However, later he admitted that he made a choice to leave.

Tommy Vext biography: net worth, wife, ethnicity, age, what happened to bad wolves lead singer?
Five Finger Death Punch, the American heavy band, performs a live concert during the Norwegian music festival Tons of Rock 2017. Here vocalist Tommy Vext is seen live on stage. Photo: PYMCA
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It is alleged that he was dismissed from the band because of his political views, including supporting Donald Trump and speaking out against the Black Lives Matter movement. The singer blamed “cancel culture” for this and said that he decided to leave so that his bandmates were not dragged into controversy along with him.

Tommy Vext’s height

The celebrity is 5 feet 8 inches tall, which translates to 1 m 72 cm.

Tommy Vext’s wife: is he married?

Currently, the musician is not married. However, he was engaged to Lauren Kitt Carter from 2007 to 2008.

He also dated Whitney Johns, although their relationship ended badly. Whitney sued him for being physically abusive, and he dismissed her claims by putting the blame on her.

Tommy Vext is a musician with a rich life story and many past career ventures.

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