Travel ban: We’ll do better without foreign interference – APC Chieftain

Travel ban: We’ll do better without foreign interference – APC Chieftain

Former presidential aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Adamu Garba II, has reacted to the recent immigrant visa ban on Nigerians by the US President, Donald Trump.

Garba who is also the founder of IPI Solutions Nigeria Ltd made this known in statement where he said that Nigeria as a great nation would do well without foreign interference.

He said, “The entire west should let us be by banning us if they wish. We don’t need any globalist colonials on our shores anymore.

With almost 60 years of relationship, we’ve lost more than we gained. I think it’s time to part company. Our dear nation Nigeria shall do better without foreign interference. Let them ban us if they like. We shall do better without them.”

“We should not take it lightly on anyone who defame our country, defecate on our coat of arm and desecrate our national flag. We should not give in to colonial torture. We are free black nation, we are Nigerians!”

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“US, an artificial country founded by killing the real inhabitants, more than 400 million latinos massacred, won’t dare a country with roots in Ife, Benin, Daura, Zaria, Kalabari, Arochukwu, Kanem Borno, Borgu, Fombina, Zamfarawa, Kwararafa Oyo etc. We’re more than them 100times.”

Adamu Garba II added that based on the new ban, he would no longer visit US and would make it one of his agendas to ensure that Nigeria becomes great again, when he successfully becomes the number one citizen of the nation.

“I’ll not visit the U.S for denigrating my country. I don’t think the US have anything better than what we have in Nigeria. We just devalue ourselves. We should be proud of our country and stay home.

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“When I become the president of Nigeria, not just the United States but the whole world will respect the power of an African great state in Nigeria.

It’s high time we discover ourselves, create our processes, systems and frameworks that works for Nigerians, by Nigerians from Nigeria,”he said

He continued, “We are descendants of great kingdoms & empires. We have been economically better than them before colonialism, why are we afraid? We need ours.”

“How many of you went to American schools, learn American and live American way? What have you gained? You succeed in forgetting yourself.

Even the American system we inherited is largely to blame for confusion in Nigeria. We have our ways, but we abandoned it. We need our own.”

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