Tribal Mark Model Adetutu Rants About Her Daughter Being Given Christian Asignments

Tribal mark model Adetutu has lamented over the fact that her daughter is always giving Christian assignments despite stating that she’s neither a Christian nor Muslim.

According to her, despite the fact that her daughter stated in school that she’s neither a Christian nor a Muslim they always give her Christian assignments and she has to borrow a Bible from her cousin to do it because she has none.

Adetutu went ahead to fume at the fact that she can’t do anything about it because she’s in a country where you are forced to either be a Christian or a Muslim and all she could tell her child is sorry for that.

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To Adetutu, the fact that her child stated that she’s neither a Christian nor a Muslim means she shouldn’t be given any assignment that has to do with that forgetting that the assignments are given to all the children in the class and not her daughter alone.

Moreover, doing Christian assignments or Muslim assignments doesn’t make her daughter one and there is no school in the country that doesn’t give assignments on religious beliefs hence there’s nothing Adetutu can do about the whole situation.

Screenshot below;

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