Trump’s latest ban: How Nigeria’s tech system can win or lose the ‘war’

United state govt shuts down its embassy In Lagos

President Donald Trump of the United States of America (USA) recently placed a ban on a number of countries.

The affected countries are Nigeria, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan and Myanmar, with Tanzania and Sudan facing restrictions with regard to the popular visa lottery scheme.

The ban implies that the USA would no longer issue immigrant visas to Nigerian applicants.

Per a report by, it explained that the penalty is in recognition of Nigeria’s unsatisfactory and information sharing standards.

Seni Sulyman, vice president of global operations at Andela, argued that “more than anything else, it’s the kind of thing that sends the wrong signal to people that are interested in Nigeria.

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Visa restrictions and the negative connotations they often imply creates extra skepticism among people that might be interested but are not already involved.” Andela is an outsourcing firm which has raised around $180 million in funding mostly from US investors.

The ban comes at a time when Nigeria’s ecosystem has developed to become the dominant force in the technology workspace.

The Nigerian government has meanwhile set up a committee to work towards the lifting of the restrictions.

The committee is expected to ensure that security and information sharing standards as set by the USA are met.

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