Twitter reacts to Airlines taking Klarna – “I’ll see you all in Dubai”

Twitter reacts to Airlines taking Klarna – “I’ll see you all in Dubai”

Twitter users have found out that some airlines take Klarna, allowing them to “book now, pay later,” and they couldn’t be more excited!

Today is a good day for travel lovers! Airlines, like American and Southern Airlines, take Klarna, which means you can book your flight now and pay later in instalments.

Klarna is a Swedish fintech company that provides online financial services, offering payment solutions for the e-commerce industry, now expanding to the travel industry as well.

Twitter reacts to Airlines taking Klarna

Evidently, airlines have incorporated Klarna as a form of payment as well as After Pay, allowing Klarna users to book their flights and pay later in 3 to 6 instalments.

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Twitter users were the ones to discover that they can book flights with Klarna and shared the news on the app.

Klarna has confirmed the news with a tweet and Twitter users couldn’t be any more thrilled, describing Klarna and AfterPay as “heaven-sent payment methods.”

One wrote: “Airports take Klarna now? I’m going to Jamaica tomorrow and the Virgin Islands Saturday,” while another one tweeted: “They let you use Klarna for plane tickets now. Pack up y’all we going to the Maldives!”

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While few are judging people being so happy to hear that airlines take Klarna and AfterPay now, most Twitter users won’t take it: “Not me waking up to everyone being fake bougie about Klarna and Afterpay”

Twitter memes about Airlines taking Klarna

Twitter users are excited that they are now able to book flights and pay later at their own convenience.

After the news broke on Twitter, the memes didn’t take long before taking over the platform.

Here are some of the funniest Twitter memes regarding airlines using Klarna!

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