Use any of these methods and make her cry like a baby

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The happiness of a man is his ability to satisfy his wife on bed, as we all know women like men who can perform well on bed and men that would satisfy them well on bed. Though there are some drugs that are purposely meant for good errection and how long the manhood will be.

Women do like long manhood (Pennis) that is very strong. Failure to satisfy them sexually might lead to loosing the wife to another man. This will lead the woman to do what she’s not supposed to do.

This article will tell us how we can naturally elongate or make the manhood long. This shall be explain one after the other.

How You Can Naturally Increase The Length Of Your Manhood.

1. Warm the water for like 30minutes.

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2. Take the Towel and insert it inside the warm water.

3. Take the Hot Towel to stretch your manhood with the heat there.

4. Continue doing this for like a week and definitely there will be changes


Men’s ego happens to be how long and how good he is when having sex with a random woman or his own lover. The thought of not pleasing her by releasing very fast is what makes men feel bad and useless.

Though there are various medical support and medical to aid and boost long lasting sex, but they come at a high price. On the other hand, there are also a few popular and known cheap fruits that have never crossed your mind on how effective they are.

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Below are some fruits when blended and mixed together, may super-boost your sex drive and give you stamina to last longer during sex.

1. Coconut

2. Tigernut

3. Dates

4. Milk

When coconut, tigernut and dates is blended to dust, mixed together and poured into a milk solution in a transparent container, the combination transforms into a super-charged viagra that keeps you hard and firm for more than two(2) hours with no side effects.

Like i said before, don’t do much because your woman may pass out.

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