Venita upset about how housemates waste food, calls out Tacha and Seyi

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BBNaija housemate, Venita looks furious as the manner in which things are run with regards to waisted of food , particularly when the house loses their wager.

Venita food

Querying between Mercy, Enkay and Venita about food yesterday gingered the last to air her assessment. Since losing their Wager, the Pepper Dem pack have demonstrated to us the amount they like food.

Since coming into the House, Venita appears to be resolved to state to any individual who considerations to listen that she can’t be shown a good time. At the point when Mercy advised her and Enkay that Seyi kept absorbed spaghetti the kitchen, she erupted and stood up right away. It appears she has had enough of nourishment wastage, not notwithstanding when there isn’t a lot to go round.

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With the manner in which she dashed into the room, we thought she was going to jump on Seyi for that.

Rather, she was seen blustering about Tacha, Seyi and Mercy being the ones who successive the kitchen the most.

Situated there hearing her, Seyi did not move on his seat. In any case, that was him. On the off chance that he could stomach being gotten out that way, not Tacha.

Venita food

She more likely than not heard Venita as she cruised by, so she reacted as e dey hot, ‘In case you will discuss individuals like that, it would be ideal if you exclude me’, she stated, ‘Quit referencing my name.’ She finished up. As though that announcement implied quiet, Venita suddenly quit talking and returned to the greenhouse.

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However, Mercy feels that the House ought to have a gathering about the cooking schedule. She said cooking alone should never again be permitted in the event that they truly needed to make do with the little they have. In her reaction to Diane who needed to cook, she said that must sit tight till they require another gathering. Yet, Esther would have none of that. In her significance with Diane in the changing area, she said that no one could prevent her from cooking.

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