Wahala Don Finish: Bride Shocks Guests As She Arrives At Her Wedding In A White Casket (Watch)

Wahala Don Finish: Bride Shocks Guests As She Arrives At Her Wedding In A White Casket (Watch)

A Nigerian bride has brazenly etched her name into the social media hall of fame after she arrived at her wedding in a white coffin.

Although the guests heralded her with a rapturous clap, a thread of shock and fright tied the general reception they accorded her. There’s no doubt that the action of this woman will forever dominate discussions online.

The video shows a hypeman eulogizing a casket covered in black clothing that was in front of him, after which the covering was taken off to reveal a white coffin that was opened. The bride then emerges with a broad smile as the wedding guests cheer her.

The guests quickly sprang up and brought out their phones to take photos and record videos to announce to those who might not believe them when they narrate it to them.

In a related development, a married woman has revealed her husband’s fantasy of wanting to have a threesome on his forthcoming birthday.

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Unable to deal with the situation, the woman has opened up on her predicament by sharing it with an online counsellor and published by NaijaaParent as she solicits advice on ways of manoeuvring her way through this dilemma without bringing any friction in the marriage.

Besides she admitted her own birthdays in the past has seen the man going the extra mile to give her memorable gifts including a car.

A portion of her message read;

I have something important to share with you but hide my identity. I am a 29 year old lady and I am married to a man I love so much. We have a daughter together and she is just two year old. My husband is 33 and he is currently preparing for his 34th birthday party. I love him so much and I have tried to be a proactive wife.

At my last birthday party, he bought me a car to appreciate my efforts in the last few years of our marriage. I was so happy and I wanted to do something more for him. I decided to throw a surprise party for him at one of his favorite hang out locations. I booked the venue at a very expensive rate, I invited his friends and ensured his favourite edibles were available.

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I could not buy him a car or something as expensive as that but I wanted him to know how much I love him and value him as well. I don’t know how he got information about the surprise party that I was planning for him. He told me about it and insisted I don’t worry about the party. I tried convincing him that it was something I have wanted to do for him for a long time but he said he knew I loved him and I didn’t have to spend so much money to please him. Click here to read more

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