“We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorist”- See how Trump Refused to Pay Ransome To Terrorist In Nigeria

"We Don't Negotiate With Terrorist"- See how Trump Refused to Pay Ransome To Terrorist In Nigeria

A president, a billionaire, a perfectionist, a smooth talker and great leader is how I describe this man. Donald Trump as we all know is the president of the United States of America and he is known to always take a stand in what he believes in without giving a damn about what others think about him.

Recently the American troops came into Nigeria in pursuit of the rescue of a young American citizen that was kidnapped in the northern part of Nigeria, the operation as described by various opinions so far, was said to have been a smooth and very easy operation, extracting the kidnapped victim and killing 6 out of the kidnappers. After this incident a lot of people have reacted to it saying all kind of things, while some were praising the team and the successful operation that was carried out, some were busy comparing the operation to that of the Nigerian Army against the Boko Haram terrorist group, over the years.

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Donald Trump as predicted, decided to praise and Celebrate the effort of rescue team in one of his campaigns in Florida. He summarised the rescue operation, describing the team that carried out the operation as the best fighters in the world. He said all what he said with pride in his body language.

Read what he said below.

“The kidnappers, beyond in a far away land, they kidnapped this young American, kidnapped him and they were negotiating for a, they want money, why do you give money, you know, when you have a lot 100’s and 100’s fo time. So we have some people that are the best in the world, you know these are the best fighters in the world, incredible people, smart, radiant in so many ways and great tech for whatever they want to do, if they said they want to go you couldn’t hold them back, and they went in there, and went in by night and it was very quick and we didn’t have anybody even injured slightly, we got the hostage and unfortunately they were, they are gone, they are gone”.

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After he said this Reno omokri decided to post the video on his Twitter page this morning and he has been getting reactions from different quarters. See what people have to say about the post below.

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