We Lost N700 billion Naira COVID-19 Relief Funds Due To Fire Outbreak – Finance Minister


The Nigerian finance minister Mrs Zainab Ahmed has announced to the nation that the government lost 700billion naira Covid-19 Relief Funds.

The information was announced during her press interview today on Thursday 9th April 2020, were she announced that the files and documents of the Covid-19 Relief fund donated by individuals and companies to support the nation fight coronavirus was all burnt down.

According to the finance minister She said: We’re sorry about the incident occurred on Wednesday been 8th of April 2020, the government lost 700billion naira Covid-19 Relief Funds Due to the Fire outbreak, its caused a lot of damages in the office and we’re yet to investigate on what was the cause of the fire outbreak, I want to use this opportunity to appeal to the Nigerians most especially to the SouthEast and Southwest, government together we will help fight this virus.Mrs Zainab Ahmed saidWhile speaking further she also claimed that the fund was to Disbursed to the SouthEast and Southwest government to aid tackle the spread of Coronavirus in the states and also for the benefit of the country.

She also urged the Abuja Commissioner of Police to trace and identify the cause of the fire outbreak in the office.

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90 thoughts on “We Lost N700 billion Naira COVID-19 Relief Funds Due To Fire Outbreak – Finance Minister

  1. The pains and torment to the nation Nigeria by this group of people will come back to hunt their next generation. No office can keep 500 million. Account general office is not a bank.

    1. Nigeria government is stupid and mad’ I regrat being a Nigerian, I hate Nigeria corrupt idoits ,God is watching you people coronavirus will locate you all, wicked set of people, God dey

        1. Files are missing and not cash. The funds were not donated in cash and nobody keeps N700B cash in an office.

    2. Hmnnnnn. Cashless policy to citizens but federal foolish, crook people keep 700billion in the office .Ahhhh there is God ooo

  2. Helloooooooooo
    Accountant general office is not a bank.
    ‘Monies’ donated are deposited in banks.
    Money deposited in banks through transfer or otherwise to tackle covid-19 can be traced by EFCC because they monitor all account.
    Madam finance minister was absolutely wrong by saying FG lost 700 billion naira because the accountant general office caught fire.
    The President is trying his best at the moment and his good works need no dent like what Madam Finance minister is saying now oooooooo
    The world is watching Nigeria and please Madam Finance minister, don’t embarrass Apc led government.
    She really need to issue a statement countering the former or resign with immediate effect.
    God bless APC, God bless President Buhari and God bless Nigeria.

  3. This is a country I have always regret coming from. And those that stole public funds will die some day, those you stole their money will also die some day, vanity upon vanity all is vanity, everybody is going down 6 ft Bellow the ground. So let them continue

    1. Guy u have said it all what a useless country and this useless and bad leader keep degracing Nigerian well god we judge u all

      1. Have all Nigerians seeing what leader Torn our country to, even APC leader Mr ojugo, tinubu , Nari, and apc party haven’t say anything about pls Nigeria leader why are u people u peoples don’t have the fear of God not talk off fear of man like you, pls Mr President if u are not capable of leading this well bless nation with action and fear of God pls u advice to resign honorably enough is a enough APC are the bad party so fear , that how you people are killing our Nigeria soldiers by Boko Haram intact Nigeria government have give some explanation about all this stupidity of them do they thing that Nigeria citizens are stupid daft pls what do they taking us in this country many the good peoples of Nigeria manage to donate and ordinary woman that to manage to become finance Minister is there telling us trash may the hanger of All mighty Allah depend up u ur generations and all of u that plane this seat rubbish,

      2. In a country where they are over 200milions people, and you can’t share the ₦700bilion to every citizen and take the rest to your house, okay give us steady light and take the money, NO, give us water and take the money, NO, give us better road and take the money, NO, provide jobs for us and take the money, NO, EFCC will not talk Ohh, if it was Yahoo Boys that are trying to help themselves and Family, una go investigate till the end, see let me tell you so call FG or what self, Bible said they will be no peace for the wicked, one day you will die and go and meet your creator, and you will give account of all you did on earth, no wonder the Bible said it will be hard for Rich people to make Heaven, go ahead do whatever you like, even the ones Dangote, Femi, e.t.c who donated ₦1bilion each make una carry am chop, God his watching, I heard that FG is given out Money, Foods in Northerner state, is it that the rest states is not among the so call Nigeria. Let all the Youth gather and fight for what belongs to us, we are not going to be slaves in our own father’s land.

          1. Nigerian youths arise, overthrow this government with everyday protest, demonstration and take back your country or remain SLAVES FOREVER IN YOUR MOTHER LAND

  4. They really think of us as senseless to tell us N700 billion was kept in an office? Same Government that is promoting a cashless economy?

    Our greatest fight in Nigeria right now is not the coronavirus but this group if people that claim to have Nigeria and Nigerian’s interest at heart.

  5. ….meaning the North has been sorted out but the package for the South East and South West was lost in the inferno! What do these beings take us for?

  6. Hmmmmm Thank God no life lost .but the Accountant general in his press conference when he visited the scene announce that no valuelable document were burnt but today another news came out hmmmmmmm There is God oooooo

  7. Zainab Ahmed you can’t make heaven I swear this government led by buhari is full of bunch of stupid people like you zainab, whom are you deceiving I pity your life, I didn’t blamed you its those once that donated for the government, can the office accommodate 700billion naira you don’t even have common sense at all you come to media saying rubbish all this money wey una dey embezzled una most carry them go HELL O USELESS PEOPLE GOD PUNISH UNA ONE AFTER D OTHER THIEF THEM

  8. What!!! Well I’m not surprise because I expected This after hearing that the Account General office was destroyed by Fire. But please don’t forget That they always said ** no important document was lost **

  9. Dis is a joke wallai,700billion got burnt in an office,na so them think say 9ja people mumu reach? I bet most of dat money goes to reimbursement of d Boko Haram ammunition seized by d Chad government,it is becoming clear who is sponsoring who

    1. These people think Nigerians are fools that 700billion got burnt and cannot be accounted for. …let them know that the law of karma is waiting for them.

  10. Ever felt Nigeria was a corrupt country? This is the real corruption, happening under the nose of Mr. Integrity…I hope Nigerians will learn how to vote wisely henceforth.

  11. D money did not burn, documents burnt, money in d bank, another documents can b formed. In fact dis is a fake news, which news paper/s published it and date.

  12. Please,minister of finance or what is name of your office, Is accountant general office is our National bank ? Pls kindly organised yourselves properly.we are not fool in this country,just count yourselve lucky to be there.

  13. Nigerians are not fools to believe this cheap prank in other to steal such a huge amount of money amidst the sufferings in the nation.
    Something worse than covid 19 will definitely destroy all those involved in this lies and evil to humanity.

  14. Is this the change APC promise us? Mr president wake up before your cabinets bring you down.

  15. This news is a “bogus lie” Nothing of such could be referenced to Honourable Minister. The fake news must have been fabricated by this medium. Show video of the press conference. No mainstream media pick the news.

  16. The logic that madam minister is doing to cover their heist is very clear, they were been asked by the sanete to bring document of the money, after some hours fire bursted the office of accountant as they dont have access to burn the central bank of nigeria, now after burning the office, they said the document is missing and she charge a bribed police to investigate the cause of d fire, oh when this country will be said to have been free frm criminals $ unpatriotic people ?

  17. This is deception from this people I bet you, we are not ignorant of what is happening In this country we refuse to be furtherly mesmerized or bambozled by your infidel attitude it is either the money is refunded or the person who is in charge of the money should be given an indefinate removal from office and still be trialled simple wicked fools

  18. May corona virus kill all of you, including the useless and senseless person that gives you all this positions. Allah yaisa.

  19. Hmmmm, we all understand. This fire do us bad o. If not for the fire issue, you people will give proper account I trust.

  20. Every wealth acquired on earth fraudulently will surely perish with who ever involves. Vanity upon vanity. No mortal being will live for ever. What ever you have will end the day you’ll die. So continue with your evil style of governance.

  21. Group of zoo, I know it will end that way I thought as much ,that is the reason why they didn’t use BVN giving cash by hand corrupt people

  22. We are at it again just like before. The cabal of Nigeria government has done what they know how to do best. looting of funds made for Nigeria citizen and creating one so called untraceable damage to make it look like a surprising accident which can be cause by no one just to cover their evil act. But one thing i am so sure of is that no matter the evil power one may have . when someone decided to take happiness and food from someone mouth for his or her own benefit,then happiness and food will be taken from that person generation in time to come.

  23. Sorry sorry o I sorry for nigeria, sorry sorry ï sorry for africa…. This is how Nigeria has been hack. THUNDER FIRE ALL OF THEM THAT HAVE HAND IN THIS. WE Nigerians may not have the power to deal with you. But God ALMIGHTY will visit you and your generation to come one by one with his wrath.

  24. Please clarify if the server where the information was stored got burnt and there was no back-up. Hope the CBN was part of the committee and other system has the information. It mean Nigeria is still operating in stone age era. To God be the Glory, no matter what we shall face the creator one day.

  25. According to the cleric, the fire incident occurred shortly after the National Assembly asked the FG to explain how it disbursed over N2 trillion to the poor and the FG assure that they have the full information on the database.

  26. Nigeria last year snake swallow 48million this year a whole 700 billion cash fire this now make us to understand that corruption in Nigeria can never be fought you all are thieves

  27. It’s obvious that this woman is nuts, God! How can a huge amount of money of such be kept in an office building? The most painful thing here is that she’s expecting us to believe her lies____ it’s visible to the blind and loud to the deaf that our leaders are fuckinq corrupt_

  28. Zainab we Nigerians are not a kid, Is your office a bank? Please think wisely and bring back our money is not made for you and your generation because, if not the wrath God we full on you and entire family with in 24hours, mind you ,you did not contribute to the welfare of Nigeria .Zainab scammer “Alaye”

  29. Is it the documents that got burn or the money, because I known that the house or office of accountant general is not a bank, where all the money was transfer. Or did they pay the money with Ghana must go bag or Does it means that central bank of Nigeria is not working any more. Please fine better lie. When will you guys repent, wait 700 billion or 700 thousand Naira. Why are you gays destroying this country that belongs to all of us. Our Nigeria government have been fighting book haram for more then 7 years now. Killing our ( innocent solders ) why I said innocent soldiers is that some are in the business, where they sale our soldiers to a terrorist group. Our money have been spending for book haram since more than 7yeas both the international support funds all are waste. Just a day chad government defeated boko haram. Does it mean that chad can defeat Nigeria in a war wet in 1hour. Now 700 billion just got burmt . the they can not afford that a good Nigerians donated for a particular purpose you gays refused to chair the money. Now another story don enter.

  30. Whatever you sow, that you will reep, minister continue, we are used to your terrific lies and deceit from you and your partners in crime, God is watching all of you, different things has been swallowing and eating money in this country.

  31. This one no be snake again ooo
    Now Na fire, waiting we no go see for this
    Disgusting country, Mr President it seems u don’t know ur work, y are u people suffering the innocent Nigerian for nothing sake just because u have the power, one thing I know is that tho matter how powerful u are, God pass u, one day u will stand before God and answer ur question one by one, thank god the coming of Christ is close, keep deceiving ur self, thinking u are deceiving the people

  32. They are joking. probably act a drama . Madam finance minster You need to withdraw your wrong statement and tell us the truth. it’s absolutely impossible. or else . you will be infected by dt corona virus money and expired.

  33. God will never forgive, the so called President for suffering the people, just because he has the power, buhari u will never make heaven, except u change, the money u people are stealing everyday, non of the money is urs, just to released 20k to the citizens each, now we’re hearing story.

  34. People should stop accusing davido because what the young man said, he’s right u people better returned our money oo

  35. We are not fools in this country oo, u people should stop wyning us oo, last time snake swallow 36million now is fire, miss zainab am sorry to say dis because I can’t control my hanger any more, just beer with me, wat I want to say to u is, my God will punish u abundantly were ever u are for collecting bribe to say DAT nonsense, u said that Nation money cash fire who sent u such lie 700billion Na moi moi, make una no wyn us this time around oo

  36. Wonder shall never ends in Nigeria. What type of country is this? This is a country pathon has bulgled public money, and nothing was done till today. This time, it is fire out break because of N700 billion belonging to the Southeast/west of this country. Nigeria !!!!!!!

  37. Pls where are we actually heading to… No na, how #700b go dey office, watin do bank… Una no fit enter heaven o, I swear… 😠 We are just the corona virus of ourselves… Scammers

  38. Nigeria have the most corrupted government in the world, your souls will not make heaven, zainab stop that nonsense now N700billion is it N70,000 that u are joking with population of 180 000 million? abi no wise?

  39. Thank God we are not hearing that they lost the whole country through the fire outbreak.

    When a group of choose not to be professional in their affairs!

  40. You people are very stupid for telling us such stupid lie, if am a terrorist I would have focus on fighting against this stupid Nigerian government, I would have join to burnt down their houses and investments including government House., What is 700 million doing in the office, that lie is not even well organized,,. Fire outbreak burn down 700 billion in the office,. We have robbers as leaders!! . This people are taking us for granted., This people are not even afraid of the Masses to vomit this nonsense..


    With this move, how can our government fight this Virus? Well, the number is increasing day after day, and it is affecting everyone of us,. If sharing the peoples money will solve the problem am here to see it.

  41. Nigerians we should all wake up cus this is stealing. How would this happen now when the nation needs to know how the money was spent. In fact I’m already tired of this failed government. Nigerians we should all come out of our homes to say NO to any failed government in our lovely country… Just imagine🤔. She thought she’s telling animals what was lost in the fire incident… This is the highest corruption I’ve ever seen/heard… RUBBISH

  42. Accountant General office is it a Bank or central Bank. Educated illiterates deceiving wisdom house. Do you think Nigerians are foolish as you are? You better withdrew that statement.

  43. I have said it bfor dat dis government is a total scam….. Am happy dose of u dat voted dem are enjoying d drama… Watch out for season 3

  44. I wish bad luck to them, I am in tears, I hate Nigeria, God please help me kill them all, they are hurting us, please God let them not see Happiness for hurting the masses, they locked down everywhere and hunger is killing people and we are here talking about a government, we don’t have a government we just have wicked set of people that kept themselves on top , God will locate you fools one day. Wish I was not a Nigerian

  45. What are u even saying Sam? APC led government and it’s president that has shamed us over, and over again.

  46. Hahahahahahohohohohohoh
    Zoological Republical Zoooooooo
    My pity to those(individuals and organizations) who wasted their hard earned money for these thieves to grab.

  47. Well!!!! God is watching you all. How can Nigerian believe this cheap lie? Anyway we are use to all your lies so far so we are not surprised but remember u didn’t create yourself.

  48. Zainab you will never have peace in your entire life starting from this moment, imagine you no even ashame of your self by telling Nigerians such a big lie, haba there is God 😲😳😲😲😲😲😲

  49. You guys funny sha …. How do you expect them to mention his name and his church here? Anywhere I came here to read comment 🤷🤷🤷

  50. Audhu billah mina shaitan rojeem!
    God cannot be quickened to anger, otherwise I would have love to pray Him to cause all those who planned and executed this”hara-kiri” to be struck by thunderstorms one by one so that the last of them could reveal how they conspired thereby telling their surviving colleagues that the market is no longer favourable.
    No matter how much they received as their individual share of loot they would die of hunger and thirst, amen!!!

  51. Madam, Are u talking to fools? did U people believe we are all like ur families who are not educated??? Show us evidence of the burnt money and how come in ur office not in the bank? This are some question u people should ask urself before coming to display stupidity to Nigerian’s… Well I don’t blame U I Blame those fool that claim Buhari is a saint and must be president am happy today we are all facing it..

  52. Madam you can only deceive APC as your party, but Nigeria impossible we are wise enough to be deceive. Come up with a well cooked story

  53. Madam you work for pmb, Nigerians, apc or northern people?..pls don’t resign there are still more White lies to tell.
    You will still go and account for the one disbursed to the most organized northern zone- Lagos is not north but receives covid19 patience from north. “Agenda-ed government” . Old men and women that refuse to transfer power and wealth to the next generation. I blame you not but WE the youth that have preferred die in fear other fight Right.! ONe Progressive Nigeria(dead on arrival)! Sorry HATE SPEECH!

  54. NIGERIA, What’s happened with the labour of our hero’s past? we don’t have government i just notice our government doesnt want the next generation to be successful where are the EFCC but if it yahoo bois you would take illegal actions ogun kill all of you ogun kill Accountant general Efcc also federal bull shit

  55. Many of this territory natives deserve shit of fulani caliphate with its emirates. Since January 27. 2017 the elected Buhari in 2015 died and buried in Saudi Arabia, it has been film tricks which many this territory natives watch comfortably, at most complain for complain sake. Northern natives has been Eliminating thugs of fulani caliphate with its emirates nickname military and police for end of fulani caliphate with its emirates, while many southern natives feel unconcerned, do say it is northern affairs. Now they know it is not northern affairs, it is affairs of this territory natives. It is either southern natives wake up now, respond the way northern natives responded or remain under bondage of fulani caliphate with its emirates, suffer in it and die in it. The so-called Nigeria which is fulani caliphate with its emirates, has fallen and gone forever- it is Yugoslavia of Africa.

  56. Please no money got burnt in that suya roasting fire, all money transfers can be traced and CBN can tell us the whereabouts of that money that was granted the government for onward disbursement, am glad you called APC here, this is what happens when APC employs incompetent fools manning top government establishments. This government has shown itself as the heaviest corrupt government since independence.

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