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Wendy Williams new boyfriend is everything to her now

Wendy Williams Boyfriend

It looks like Wendy and Charlamagne might have buried the hatchet. The two have had a long standing beef that went really public when Wendy made an appearance on the Elvis Duran show in 2014. Before than, the two hadn’t spoke since 2010!! Duran asked Wendy about Charlamagne and Wendy said, “Who”. ⁣

Fast forward to today and it appears that Wendy’s husband was the problem and the reason that the dynamic-gossiping-duo broke up. On her show yesterday (Tuesday, November 5th) she said to Norman, referencing a photo of herself on the screen, ⁣

“I don’t know who I’ve become……….I like her.” ⁣

“Norman, you know we are two loose cannons. Let me tell you somethin’, honey. I can only take Charlamagne in small doses because the banter of the back and forth and knowing each other for so many years. I met him when he was still a DJ in down south. And I brought him to New York.”⁣

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“I said, ‘You sit next to me and you make with that funny.’ And the rest is history, But small doses, you know what I mean? He is a mess. He made me cry. He teared up. We talkin’ about people and situations. Anyhoo, hi Charlamagne. It was fun. It was fun.”⁣

The two actually made up months earlier when Charlamagne took her out to dinner. He explained the reason they really fell out on the “Breakfast Club”. It was all Kevin Hunter’s fault according to him. ⁣

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Wendy Williams Boyfriend

“The reason Kevin Hunter and I fell out, and the reason why I don’t communicate with Wendy anymore is because of Sharina. Kevin got upset because he thought Sharina liked one of my homeboys and he thought that I was hooking Sharina up [with other men],” ⁣


He said Kevin flew out Sharina when he was on a trip with Wendy and Kevin. Charlamagne said Sharina wanted to hook up with one of his friends and Kevin was upset when he found out, even though Wendy was there. He says, ⁣

“Wendy doesn’t know this so when Wendy goes on Elvis Duran’s show and Wendy says, ‘who?’ in reference to me when my name comes up… I can’t even be mad at Wendy because I don’t even know what the f**k he told Wendy,” ⁣

While this is all good…..and Wendy posted the pic…..why in the hell did she take it down?? The pic and caption are both deleted!!

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