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We’re sending our best doctors to other countries — Innocent Uja

Prof Innocent Uja, President of the Nigerian Medical Association, likened doctors leaving Nigeria to work in other nations to sitting on a time bomb.

We're sending our best doctors to other countries — Innocent Uja

As a result, he encouraged the federal government to address the matter as soon as possible. This comes after the Joint Health Sector Union recommended to the government that working conditions for health care professionals in the country be improved.

“Brain drain in the health industry should not be treated lightly,” he warned, “because it is like sitting on a time bomb.”

“This is an issue that needs to be properly tackled at the correct table between the Federal Government and stakeholders, since the way things are going, we’re exporting our best and producing for other countries.”

“Why do they hire us if we aren’t good?” Our doctors are well-trained and will find work wherever they go.

“Though we are not valued in Nigeria, there is a recent revelation that over 5,700 Nigerian doctors are practicing in the United Kingdom.”

“Many Nigerian doctors travel out on a monthly basis. The issue of brain drain in the health-care sector of the country must be appropriately addressed.”

“Will you compel any doctor to visit a patient if you prevent people from leaving and they stay in Nigeria and do not work?” It’s demotivating, and it’s not anything to think about.

“The best thing to do is to identify the variables that cause brain drain in the health industry and put a stop to them before they turn into monsters,” says one expert.

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