We’re shareholders until you put ring on it – Man to boyfriend of lady he likes

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A Nigerian man has left many people amused and quite a few, offended after he took to social media to address the boyfriend of a lady he is interested in.

While many people a relationship involves one man and one woman regardless of whether the idea of marriage has been proposed or not, this Twitter user however thinks otherwise.

Twitter user Identify as Chiekezi Dozie , has got many people talking after he took to the platform to send a message to a jealous boyfriend who called him to rudely confront him about having his number stored in the girlfriend’s phone.

Responding to the boyfriend, he wrote:”To the young man who called me 35 mins ago rudely asking me what my number was doing on his girlfriends phone I only have one thing to say to you..”until you put a ring on her finger, we are all shareholders…what should be worrying you is whether you’re majority or a minority.”

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