What does Baudelaire mean? Tyler, the Creator tweet sparks fan theories as new promo pics drop

What does Baudelaire mean

Hinting at a new project, Tyler, the Creator recently tweeted an image of a travel license issued to ‘Tyler Baudelaire’.

Fans have taken to Twitter to try to work out the meaning behind ‘Baudelaire’.

What did Tyler, the Creator post? 

Promoting a new project entitled ‘Call Me if You Get Lost’, Tyler, the Creator posted two cryptic images on social media.

The artist sparked confusion amongst fans, with some concluding that his full name is Tyler Baudelaire. However, the rapper’s actual birth name is Tyler Gregory Oko Make.

What are the fan theories for Tyler Baudelaire?

The most prominent theory for ‘Baudelaire’ is that Tyler is creating a new ‘character’ for his upcoming project.

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One fan wrote: ““Tyler Baudelaire” must be a new character!! Love this s**t, would be dope if this is the album cover alas Return to the 36 Chambers.”

Another possible theory is that the new album has ties with ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’.

If you’re thinking this connection is a little bit outlandish, you’re not alone – but stick with us.

If you’re not aware, the family in ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ are called the Baudelaire family. Fans are now theorising that ‘Call Me if You Get Lost’ will follow similar themes to that of Lemony Snicket’s franchise.

If you need further evidence, Tyler’s Twitter bio used to read: “im not count olaf.”

One confused fan tweeted: “Tyler Baudelaire…do he gotta watch out for Count Olaf or something?”

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It is worth mentioning that these are only theories at the time of writing and Tyler, the Creator is yet to confirm or debunk rumours.

Many fans are still left in the dark when trying to figure out ‘Tyler Baudelaire’ meaning, writing: “is anyone smarter than me and knows what Tyler’s last name on the new release means?”

When does ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’ drop?

According to Tyler’s recent Twitter update, his latest project is set to drop 25th June – which is only a week away!

It looks like fans will have to wait until the 25th to figure out if their theories ring true.

Will you be listening to Tyler, the Creator’s new music?

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