What is the meaning of “BBL” on TikTok? Plastic Surgery transformations go viral!

What is the meaning of “BBL” on TikTok

The latest trend to takeover TikTok is the #bbl challenge, probably one of the most costly trends on TikTok and it is definitely not as easy to recover from as a dance challenge.

Many are getting confused as to what BBL means and are questioning whether it could stand for “Be back later” which is a term used instead of “BRB” meaning “Be right back”.

Read on to find out what BBL means on TikTok and see some outstanding surgery transformations which have gone viral.

What is the meaning of “BBL” on TikTok?

  • BBL on TikTok is an abbreviation for Brazilian Butt Lift which is a plastic surgery procedure, that many people are getting to enhance the look of their butt.
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A BBL is a plastic surgery procedure when a doctor removes fat from other parts of your body and places it on the butt to either lift or add volume to the appearance.

Many TikTokers are using the hashtag #bbl to share some before and after shots of them getting their procedure. Others are jesting how TikTok has in some way made it trendy to get the surgery done or fillers. Many people have hopped on the before and after challenges and received tons of likes and followers who enjoy watching their transformation journey.

However, with this new phenomena of going under the knife being normalised by social media, is a lot of hate comments. Many people are saddened by the amount of people conforming to today’s extremely high beauty standards and are clapping back at those who are changing themselves at a young age or unnecessarily.

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Surgery transformations go viral!

The #bbl trend on TikTok has received over 1.8 billion views, and many people have gone famous after sharing their before and after shots.


Here are answers to questions about my surgery on my last video. All negativity will be deleted 😘 #fyp #bbl #plasticsurgery #MoneyTok

♬ Lofi – Domknowz

Lashes still on fleek!


I’m in so much pain but I’m so happy with my shape 😭🤍 I’m still very swollen & if plastic surgery ain’t for u that’s ok its for me #bbl


Under the knife for life!

Weight loss check

When your doctor posts your before BBL picture

Brazillian But lift check

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