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‘When I asked my fans to send me money, I was joking.’ Davido –

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David Adeleke, also known as Davido, a Nigerian artist, has stated that he was simply joking when he stormed social media to urge his friends and followers to pay him money.

'When I asked my fans to send me money, I was joking.' Davido –

When the FALL hitmaker wrote a post on his verified Instagram account asking his fans and friends to send him money two days ago, social media users were taken aback.

The following is a quote from the post he made:

“Send me money if you know I gave you a hit song… una know una selves oo.” Wema Bank Account Number:0123044967″ David Adeleke, Wema Bank Account Number:0123044967″

Davido received approximately N190 million from people from all walks of life after making this public and disclosing his bank account details.

In response to this, he indicated in a recent Twitter submission that he was simply joking when he made this request, and that he was ecstatic to learn that so many people adore him.

He also mentioned in the same post that he received N50 and N100 from his supporters, claiming that this proves that his fans are the finest.

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